Vote and Win Free Spank Kit

We’re always stoked when brands give away free stuff, and Spank is doing just that. Check out the video below that shows the best whips from Whip-Off Worlds at Crankworx and vote for you favorites while entering to win a free Spank component goodie box. Sound easy? You bet. Now shut up and vote.

How To Enter

  1. Footage includes every whip, by every rider, in the FINALS.
  2. Each individual Whip is NUMBERED on our WHIPOMETER in the red square located at the bottom left corner of the video footage.
  3. As you watch, simply note the WHIPOMETER number, bottom left of the video in red, of the best whips – according to YOU!
  4. Playback as often as you need to make your choice!
  5. When you are ready, COMPLETE THE FORM HERE, and you will be automatically entered into our prize draw.


  1. You may only enter once.
  2. Competition opens Friday 18 August 2017. Entries close 1 September 2017.
  3. Winners will be announced by 18 September 2017 and will be announced on SPANK website, social media platforms, and contacted directly via email.
  4. Entrants must be 12 years and older.
  5. Draw will take place at SPANK HQ. Draw results are final and no corresondence will be entered into.


For full giveaway details, head over to the Spank website: