ENVE Launches New M Line.

ENVE is a company that needs no introduction. Though pricey, their wheels are synonymous with the best of the best. The M series of wheels was originally introduced in 2014, but a hell of a lot of things have changed since then. The plus size tire phenomenon has swept the industry, enduro bikes have turned into mini downhill rigs, these things called E-bikes have taken off and downhill bikes now have 29 inch wheels. You know what hasn’t changed much? The way that wheel companies engineer wheels to prevent flats. ENVE finally made that leap along with a multitude of other changes to keep up with the times.

The new M series lineup sports completely redesigned wheels all around. The Utah-based company has made changes to improve the M lineup’s durability, strength, pinch flat resistance and weight. The new line is also said to have improved vertical compliance for a smoother ride, better traction and less rider fatigue, which is something that we are really looking forward to. Seven models make up the mtb lineup and each is available in both 27.5 and 29-inch diameters. The model names are a bit confusing at first glance, but the breakdown is somewhat simple. The first number denotes the series; five for XC, six for trail, seven for enduro and nine for downhill. The second number set is the width, which ranges from 25 mm for the XC wheels to 30 mm for the downhill wheels.


All wheels sport a hookless bead system, but that’s where the bead similarities with the old line end. Before getting into all the cool stuff going on with the bead, it’s worth mentioning that ENVE has completely changed the rim’s profile and construction. ENVE coined the system, “Dynamic Impact Design.” To put that into non-marketing speak, they widened the rim profile, and changed the carbon layup to allow for increased vertical compliance. Another interesting and key change to improve strength and ride is the widening of the hookless bead to 4.5 mm for the XC wheels an 5 mm for gravity wheels. That extra material means that the bead can be more compliant without sacrificing strength. The old design utilized a 3.5mm bead, which had to be extra stiff to resist impact. The new bead no longer has to be as impact resistant. Why? Because envy introduced a completely new system that they claim will almost entirely eliminate pinch flats. We hope it’s true.

The system relies on an impact strip that rests on top of the bead and also fills in the center of the wheel. Think of it as a giant rubber band that goes around the wheel. This strip allows for a 60% increase in pinch flat resistance and a 30% increase in strength in the five and six series wheels. Not impressed yet? The M seven series wheels have a 100% increase in pinch flat resistance, meaning the rim experienced failure before the tire pinch flatted. Mind you, that failure rate was improved by 10 to 20% over the previous model. Of course, avoiding a pinch flat does you zero good if air leaks out of the cracked wheel. But fear not, since the new system isolates the air within the tire chamber without the use of a normal rim strip. In other words, you can now crack a wheel while still retaining air since the air is sealed between the tire and the impact strip. According to the Santa Cruz Syndicate team, this has happened several times this World Cup season, allowing them to finish a race run on a failed wheel while retaining air in the tire. That’s a big deal. Weight increases are negligible, with the full spec sheet available below. M Series will carry the company’s industry leading 5-Year Warranty and Lifetime Product Guarantee. ENVE’s warranty covers all forms of impact damage. Pricing for DT hub wheel sets is $2,800 for the 5 and 6 series, and $2,900 for the 7 and 9 series.

For more info check out the ENVE website.

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