Geoff Gullevich signs with Focus Bikes

Photos by Paris Gore

Not too long ago Geoff Gulevich (Gully) announced his departure from Rocky Mountain Bicycles. A longstanding staple in their freeride line up, Gully parted ways amicably with the Canadian bike brand and will be riding for German bicycle brand Focus. As usual, Geoff will be focusing on big lines, smooth air, style and fun.

We asked Geoff a few questions outside the usual press release material to see what he was most excited about with his new bike line up and what we can expect to see in the future.

The Loam Wolf: You parting ways with Rocky Mountain was pretty big news. You’d been on Rocky bikes for a very long time. How many years was it?
Geoff Gulevich: It was pretty wild. Tough decision to make but they respected my choice and were happy for me. I was with RMB for 11 years.

TLW:We imagine after so many years with the same sponsor, leaving Rocky must have been bittersweet. How did the excitement of what’s to come with Focus help offset any of those feelings?
GG: Change is good. A nice reset and an opportunity to help build the freeride/trail program for an already well established brand is a once in a lifetime offer. It was a very inspiring idea that has now come to life and I feel extremely motivated to make big things happen.

TLW: Speaking of big changes… E-Bikes – how rad are they on a scale of 1-10 and where do you see them five years from now?
GG: The old E-bike curveball. The industry and consumers love them. They have a growing momentum that can’t be stopped. I’ve been on a couple and they are pretty fun. Not my main steed but it’s nice to save some energy on nasty climbs.

I’d probably give them a 6.9 out of 10. I am still very excited for the first person to tell me they can’t go riding because their bike isn’t charged. They are here to stay, whether you like it or not. I’m going to embrace them but I’ll have to cut down on the wings and beer. Hahaha.

TLW: What are you most excited about with your arsenal of new bikes?
GG: The trail lineup is beautiful. The bikes I have been on so far are sick!! I’m excited to push them as far as I can.

TLW: Have you picked a favorite yet?
GG: I’ve only spent serious time on the SAM so far. She’s a weapon!

TLW: Which bike were you most excited about riding when looking at the Focus line up?
GG: Hard to pick one just by the look. I listened to some educated opinions of trusted friends such as Ollie Wilkins and he hasn’t let me down.

TLW: You’re always on the move, traveling and riding in amazing places. What can we expect to see from you this year?
GG: Well I don’t want to spoil any surprises. I may have to keep that one to myself but I hear Nepal is nice around April…


Sounds like quite a tease Geoff! Thanks very much for talking with us and we’re excited to see what you and Focus team up to create this year.


To see more of Focus’ bike line and learn more about their involvement with Geoff, click here.