Kali posed a challenge to Jordie Lunn: make an edit that gets you hyped about riding, but you only get one day to ride and one day to edit. Whatever the result is, as rough or short as it is, that is the video. Jordie Lunn is a long-standing member of the Kali Krew, and can certainly put together some gnarly lines. When kali told him about the Behind the Mask idea, he grabbed hold and ran with it.

This ‘zone’ is a hidden gem of riding tucked away in the forests of Victoria, BC. Lunn
frequently ponders, moves earth, builds features, crashes, rebuilds and reshapes the landscape to reveal amazing new lines. Teamed up with a videographer, Jordie wandered into the backwoods to show us something slightly less than ‘rough af’. Given this was the first shot at the 2-day format, there were some hiccups. With mechanical issues, lighting, and time constraints, this edit wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. But that isn’t what they were looking for anyway.

Filmed by Calvin Huth, featuring Jordie Lunn, Behind the Mask proves that edits don’t have to take [what seems like] a lifetime to capture.