Bontrager G Zero Tires

Words & Photos by Chili Dog

The untimely demise of the 26” wheel and the explosion of other wagon wheeled MTB disciplines has left the dirt jump and slope scene in its oversized dust. Finding a solid dirt jump tire has always been tricky, but these days it’s harder than ever. Riders are left choosing between older, and often heavy dirt jump specific tire designs, or running some sort of XC tire that’s light but doesn’t have a ton of sidewall support for over rotations or cases. Enter the Bontrager G Zero. Like most 26 tires, the G Zero isn’t a new design, but I’ll stick my neck out and say it’s one of the best dirt jump/slope tires on the market right now.

It’s pretty clear that the C3 crew played a large role in the development of the G Zero since the tire’s specs run like a Christmas wish list for dirt jump rats. The tire is constructed from a 120 TPI casing and weighs in right around 500 grams in the 2.2 width. The design features small fast rolling knobs that are tightly spaced and wrap around the tire and offer plenty of grip.

Bontrager G Zero Tire Review

The Ride

These tires do a great job hooking up on concrete, wood and hardpack dirt while the whitewalls are also a classy edition to any dirt jump bike. Of course with that class, comes a relatively steep ($69.99ea.) price tag. Thankfully These tires have a pretty solid lifespan with little to no wear in the six months I’ve been running them. I’ve ridden everything from fast pumptracks to dirt jumps and even a bunch of street spots without complaints. Whether I’m trying to cling to a wallride in some back alley or a perfectly manicured berm at the trails, these tires do it all without complaint.

I’ll stick my neck out and say it’s one of the best dirt jump/slope tires on the market right now.

Bontrager G Zero Tire Review

The Wolf’s Last Word

There aren’t a ton of choices for dedicated dirt jump or slope tires, but these G Zeros are at the top of that select pile. A dirt jump tire doesn’t need to be complicated or fancy, as long as it gets the job done and keeps you rubber side down. No matter the surface, I had unflinching confidence on these tires and the delicate balance of grip, sidewall strength, and weight was executed perfectly. Despite the significant price tag, the durability, lifespan and performance make them a no-brainer for the discerning rider. Thanks, Trek for remembering that us 26″ dirt jumps rats still exist.

Price: $69.99/Size: 26×2.2

We Dig

Solid Grip
Respectable Weight
Dapper Looks

We Don’t

So Far, So Good

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