Leatt DBX 3.0 MTB Helmet

Leatt DBX 3.0 Helmet Review

Leatt’s All Mountain Skid Lid

Words by Chili Dog

Leatt’s new DBX 3.0 helmet is finally here and is aimed at the aggressive trail and all mountain rider. With other helmets already on the market, the DBX 3.0 rounds out Leatt’s line by offering a quality lid for the ever-growing trail segment. Beginning with their neck braces many years ago, Leatt has garnered quite a name in the industry as a reputable producer of protection goods. The DBX 3.0 builds on that legacy, with Leatt’s primary goal being safety.

The Lab
At the core of the helmet is Leatt’s 360 Turbine technology, which is similar in concept to MIPS technology. As more studies are done on head trauma and brain injuries, we’ve learned that rotational forces cause as much or more damage than direct impacts. The 360 Turbine system claims to increase safety by lessening the sheering forces translated to your brain. It does this by offering a level of rotational deceleration in the event of a crash.The blue circular fans inside the helmet are made from Armourgel, which is a velocity sensitive material Leatt uses in several of its products. By using this material in the turbines, the Armour gel can absorb impact energy as well help mitigate rotational forces. According to Leatt, this translates to a reduction in “Head impact at concussion level by up to 30% and the rotational acceleration to the head and brain by up to 40%.”
The DBX 3.0 also packs 3D molded impact foam, and a polycarbonate outer shell. The helmet is certified to meet both EN1078 and CPSC 1203 safety standards. As an added safety feature, Leatt also designed to the visor with breakaway pins that sheer off in the event of a crash and stop the visor from hanging up on a tree, root, or rock.

Offered in small (51-55cm – 20 5⁄64 – 21 21⁄32″), medium (55-59cm – 21 21⁄32- 23 15⁄64″) and large (59-63cm – 23 15⁄64- 24 51⁄64″) sizes, the helmet sports an adjustable rear dial to fine tune the fit. Leatt also includes extra pieces of the inner foam liner just in case you need to make more minor fit adjustments. A Fidlock magnetic closure system makes one handed opening and closing incredibly easy

Leatt DBX 3.0 MTB Helmet Review

The Dirt

The first thing you notice when dawning the DBX 3.0 is that the helmet has far more forehead coverage than the average all mountain lid. Leatt states this was to protect the frontal lobe of the brain, which is a vital part of controlling our every day decision making and movement. The downside to that additional coverage of course, is that the forehead gets a lot warmer when covered. Once you get used to having your forehead covered, which I’ll admit was noticeable in 80-degree weather, the helmet is pretty comfortable and I’ll happily trade a little extra sweat for a happy brain. My only other gripe is with the side straps and their adjustment system. The straps are not easy to adjust and meet very close to the ears, even when fully extended. Of course this is dependent on your ear or head size, so I’d highly suggest trying the helmet on before making a purchase. Despite the forehead warmth and finicky strap adjustment I enjoyed riding with the DBX 3.0. The 18 vents do a fantastic job of keeping the top, sides and rear of your head cool whether climbing or descending, and helped balance out the additional heat on my forehead. Our crew was split on the looks but I think the helmet has a nice look and fit. One thing we all agreed on was that it avoids the dreadful “mushroom top” appearance we all hate so much. Leatt offers a broad selection of colors ranging from mild to wild. There is a showy orange, the mandatory enduro blue, a greenish teal, a nice subtle grey, or the classic black.

The Wolf’s Last Word

Leatt is known for making quality protection products, and the DBX 3.0 is no exception. Thankfully I never had to truly test its impact safety and will gladly leave that to the labs. Safety aside, this is a helmet I’d happily wear every day. Those of you that are extra sensitive to heat or live in climates where riding in 80 plus degree weather is the norm may not appreciate the additional forehead coverage, but I for one thought it was a reasonable trade off to make for some extra protection. Leatt clearly paid attention to the details when designing the DBX 3.0, and the features like the magnetic closure and replaceable breakaway pins for the visor (extras are included in the box) are additions that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Price: $169.99

Weight: 375 grams

Website: leatt.com

We Dig

Magnetic Closure

We Don’t

Warm Forehead
Side Strap Location
Strap Adjusting System

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