The RIDE88 Rack

Jerry Lathrop knows a thing or two about bikes. You may have seen his previous work for companies like Fly Racing, Troy Lee Designs or other familiar brands in the Supercross and MTB circuits. The designer decided it was time to branch out and start his own project, dubbed RIDE88. A rider from a young age, Lathrop had always used tailgate pads or tie downs to shuttle his bikes, but as the bikes (and trucks) got more expensive, he wanted to find something that kept all that shiny paint in good shape. After searching the offerings on the market, Lathrop wasn’t impressed. “I set out on a mission to make my own, I am addicted to building cool stuff that works,” says Lathrop. “Stepping out to make this rack system is really exciting for me and my team. I want to share this cool design with everyone. It’s only going to be possible if we can get our cycling family to go support us now in our Kickstarter campaign.”

The goal was to construct the perfect truck bed rack that would maximize space, be easily removable and safely hold bikes without sacrificing quality. Lathrop lit up describing the rack, “Bikes are so quick to load and unload; it will put a smile on your face as you drive past your buddies who are situating their bikes into their vehicles.” The system uses an expandable beam that spans the width of the truck bed or van interior and is fastened securely through the pressure of its outward expansion. The system then employs a series of modular racks that can be quickly fastened to the beam to accommodate up to five bikes in a full size truck, or four in a smaller truck. Since the tire and wheel are the only things contacting the rack’s surface and get clamped into place with a single action lever, damaged paint is a thing of the past. Initial installation or removal of the rack is quick and painless, since there is no need for bolts, screws, or any other fastener into your truck bed. Need to switch shuttle rigs mid ride? The rack can easily and quickly be moved from one vehicle to another. Locks on the rack secure bikes from theft while you run in for a post ride beer and burrito.

This project is only possible with the help of the MTB community and contributions to the Kickstarter program. The 130k pledge goal is necessary to cover manufacturing, custom tooling, duty fees, international shipping and campaign fees. If you pledge to the Kickstarter, you get access to early bird pricing at $238 for the single rack, $397 for the double, $566 for the triple, and $735 for the quad. With 25 days to go on the Kickstarter, its now or never on this sweet rack.


A final word from the designer:

“This project is going to require expensive tooling (about $36,000), daily factory communication and overseas shipping (about $6,000). In addition there is factory prototype checking and production refinement through Skype, email and travel. With these challenges come the need for volume and capital. As an action sports product designer and developer for over 25 years, I am well aware of the expense and risk involved in these areas. Also the time required to build tooling, validate the quality of the product and run production are very real to my daily life in my job. As my reputation is important to me, I hold high value on function and durability, followed by design and aesthetics. The look of this product is pretty sweet in the back of your truck, and the function will make you smile every time you load up for ride!”



Check out RIDE88.COM and go see the Kickstarter campaign for more info.



What do you guys think about this system? Would you use one in your truck?

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