Make Mountain Biking More Awesome, Not More Expensive

Guerrilla Gravity 2018 News

The rough ‘n’ rowdy crew from Denver, Colorado is announcing some changes to their line up and customer offerings for 2018. Changes that should help continue the brand’s double-digit growth. Guerrilla Gravity (GG) has been fostering a cult following and if you’ve ever met one of their customers out on the trail, you already know that to be true.

Guerrilla Gravity was founded by three passionate riders who were looking to shake things up and create bikes their own way. Looking to be more than a brand, GG wants to serve the community by making mountain biking fun and attainable, while remaining committed to American labor and production. The company recently reinvested in their production by adding CNC-machining to their list of in-house capabilities. The savings in production cost are being passed directly down to the customer.

By doubling down on their production capabilities and offering a complete line of customizeable complete bikes, Guerrilla Gravity is reinventing what an American-made bicycle manufacturer should be, one bike at a time.

Guerrilla Gravity 2018 - Matt, Will & Kevin

Designed, built and tested in Colorado, Guerrilla Gravity’s lineup embodies the philosophy that bikes should be affordable, fast and custom to your needs right out of the box. GG firmly believes that mountain biking should be getting more awesome, not more expensive.

Guerrilla Gravity 2018 - Frame Production

GG uses only the finest aluminum tubing and handles all cutting, de-burring, prepping and welding in-house.

Guerrilla Gravity 2018 - Frame Production

Properly aligned frames start with a good jig.

Guerrilla Gravity 2018 - Frame Production

Jig alignment combined with the controlled hand of an experienced TIG welder ensures heat and cooling cycles won’t twist the tubes and cause alignment issues down the road.

Guerrilla Gravity 2018 - Frame Production

After the frame is welded it then moves on to be cleaned, reamed and threaded before being sent out to a local powder coat shop.

Guerrilla Gravity 2018 - Frame Production

Once back from powder, GG employees install the final hardware and give the frame one last check over before it heads out to the new owner.

Guerrilla Gravity 2018

So what’s new for 2018 if the affordability, American-made frames, quality and care haven’t changed?

As Guerrilla Gravity has grown, they’ve been able to move from being a frame builder, to a complete bike builder. Customers have the option of buying a frameset or choosing between three levels of complete builds.

Complete bikes will come in at sub-3k, sub-4k and sub-5k price points. Yeah, that’s right. The builds, while all hand selected by GG, can be custom-tailored to suit rider’s budgets and riding style. Having a top of the line build on an American-made bike for under $5,000 is one helluva deal in this day and age.

Spend some time playing on their new site and you can quickly get sucked into a wormhole of dream bike proportions. Everything from drivetrain and brakes to coil or air-sprung shocks can be selected. It’s a feature we wish more companies would adopt instead of pre-set builds that rider’s can’t alter.

Guerrilla Gravity 2018

While graphics may seem trivial, GG puts customer satisfaction high on their list of priorities. In their quest to make even more durable, bombproof bikes, they’ve improved the quality of their graphics for 2018. The re-designed graphics will look better for longer thanks to a new material and application process.

Along with the altered graphics, comes a host of brand new colors. F Yeah Red, Glow in the Gnar, LamborGG and White Knuckles add to the already impressive roster of powder coat options GG offers their customers. We’re big proponents of the customization game and know we’d definitely drop a little extra green to have a bike turn out exactly how we want.

GG also has a pretty unique brand ambassador program. If you’re a GG fan, you can apply to join their BAMF program, also known as the Brand Ambassador and Motivated Freeseller program, which is really just a made up way to make the BAMF acronym work. Guerrilla Gravity hopes to use passionate social media savy riders, those who are well connected in a local scene and are community leaders, to help represent the brand in a real and organic way.

A discounted bike will be sold to BAMF members under the pretense that he or she help spread the GG gospel by letting fellow riders have a go at their GG bike. Even better, if you are motivated enough to get new customers buying GG bikes, you could earn some dough in the process.

Guerrilla Gravity 2018

We can’t help but feel a bond with the small rider-owned brand trying to make it in this corporate world. Being able to develop partnerships with like-minded companies is why we’re digging deeper in our pockets to continue doing what we do. Guerrilla Gravity helped us create this story and has supported our endeavors with test bikes and the ability to create fresh content. We’re grateful for their support and hope that you’ll show them some love in turn by checking out their new site.

At the end of the day, if we didn’t believe in a product, no amount of money would persuade us otherwise. However, when a company supports us, produces a top notch, affordable bike with some flair right here in the USA, what’s not to love!

Check out Guerrilla Gravity’s new site, and play around with their new colors in the bike builder.