Kona Launches Process 24

When it came time to shoot a video for the all-new Process 24 kids’ bike, we wasted no time in
getting in touch with Graham Agassiz. Aggy is a big kid at heart and remembers what it was like
to be a grom in Kamloops. Enter Max McCormac, an 8-year old shredder we found ripping up
the Squamish trail scene. We figured Max could help Aggy refine some of his skills and sent him
to Kamloops for a proper Shreducation. With Aggy aboard his Process 165 and Max rocking the
new Process 24, there’s no terrain these two can’t handle together.

My early heroes were guys like Matt Hunter, Ian Duncan, Matt Brooks, Steve T, and Kyle
Proznick- just all the local pros that were living in Kamloops, and I was so lucky to have them
take me under their wing and take me riding all the time. It was really a dream come true for me
each and every day. I remember the first time meeting Matt Hunter.

It was when the bike park was first built which was right below my parent’s house! We were riding the jumps together and he asked me to go ride Harper with him. I was shocked and I had to radio home to ask my mom
if I could go!. This was before cell phones. She said yes thankfully, and then there I was in the
front seat of infamous Ford Ranger with Matt Hunter heading up to Harper, which I had also
never ridden before and I was on a hardtail! It turned out to be an amazing day. My mom just
had to embarrass me by getting my Matt Hunter poster out for him to sign for me! -Aggy

process 24

I think it’s awesome that there are so many rad up and coming kid riders out there, especially
with the way bikes are progressing these days. I think most of us would agree that we wish we
had bikes like these when we were kids! I want to show kids like Max that if they put in the time
and the work that then they, too, can follow their dreams and make riding a bike a career, or
whatever it is they choose to do. I like to think that I’m a pretty good example of someone who
followed their dreams. I was always told I couldn’t do it. It was a pretty good feeling showing
everyone who said I couldn’t that could! -Aggy

The Details
Remember that feeling of finally understanding how good a proper mountain bike felt? With the
Process 24, that feeling can come at a super young age. We’ve designed the Process 24 with
similar geometric characteristics to our full-size bikes in order to make it incredibly fun on the
trails. 100mm of front and rear sus-pension is custom tuned for lighter riders. Powered by a
Shimano Deore 1x drivetrain, the Process 24 is ready to get rowdy!
My favourite part about shooting this project was knowing that I was that kid not too long ago,
and I know just how much that experience would have meant for me. I love coaching and
working with younger kids because I feel I can relate super well with them. I like helping them
take that next leap forward but also not letting them get “excite bike” and get too carried away. It
was cool to see how Max reacted with the camera crew filming us. His confidence was
impressive! I learned from Max that no matter what age or skill level you are, that feeling you get
from riding something new and exciting for the first time will never change. It will always be that
same rush of adrenaline that puts the biggest smile on your face afterward, and it keeps the
search thrilling for more. -Aggy

Looking to buy the Process 24 for your little ripper?
Visit your local dealer today or check konaworld.com for purchasing options in your area.

process 24