Cannondale Announces Sessions Squad

After months of speculation, Cannondale dropped the bomb we all knew was coming. A rough n rowdy crew of mountain bikers hell bent on good times shredding trails. Headed up by the notoriously loose Josh Bryceland (Rat Boy), the Cannondale Sessions “team” also includes up and comers Sam Hockenhull, Max Nerurkar and Sam Cofano.

We’re hoping to sit down and get to know these guys a little bit better but until then you’ll have to just watch this video and wait.

Josh Bryceland

Cannondale Sessions: Josh Bryceland

Age: 28
Hometown: Poynton
Favourite Trail/Area: Nab Quarry
Tell us how you ride: Lazy lanky piece

Max Nerurkar

Cannondale Sessions: Max Nerurkar

Age: 25
Hometown: Sheffield
Favourite Trail/Area: Crescendo
Tell us how you ride: Go easy now

Sam “Dave” Hockenhull

Cannondale Sessions: Sam Hockenhull

Age: 21
Hometown: Buxton
Favourite Trail/Area: Solomon’s Temple
Tell us how you ride: Aggressive sideways lander

Sam Cofano

Cannondale Sessions: Sam Cofano

Age: 17
Hometown: Poynton
Favourite Trail/Area: Llangollen
Tell us how you ride: Loves back wheel