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The Loam Wolf crew would like to thank all of you for the support you’ve shown and taking the time to visit our site, leave a comment or buy some of our merchandise. As you’ve probably noticed, our site has remained pretty free from corporate or other, advertising over the last two years and we’re amazed we’ve made it this far!
Two years ago we unexpectedly lost our jobs and decided to band together and continue chasing our passion of creating unique, honest mountain bike content that riders would appreciate and trust! With your help we’ve taken an idea and grown TLW to what it is today and we are so proud to have your help.

We have a huge summer planned thanks to the support of a few key brands, but are hoping to expand and deliver even more (and better) content to our supporters. With our busy travel schedule for this huge summer project, we know the more regular content and weekly reviews will suffer. Our small staff and smaller bank accounts are tapped out and we know we’ve got more great ideas and stories to share but are hoping to gain your support to add more energy and staff to our roster.

We’ve recently launched a Patreon page and we’re hoping that our Wolf Pack will show us support and validate the hard work we’ve been putting forth to create the content you’ve found useful this far. Ultimately, our goal would be to generate enough revenue from our followers to be able to hire another employee to focus alleviating our load by reviewing products, editing the extra content we don’t share on and post it on our Patreon page. There are countless video interviews, unboxing videos, outtakes, product discussion workshops and more that never see the light of day. We’d love to share those with our dedicated supporters to show them what’s behind the curtain.

Furthermore, we’d love to dedicate more time to answering all of your questions! A huge dream of ours is to host LIVE bike and product reviews on Patreon’s Crowd Cast plug-in. We’d love to set up a scheduled time, set up the camera and interact with you in real time about the products we’re reviewing. Log in and ask a question about how a new bike compares to your current bike, or one you’re thinking about buying. Unlike bike shop employees who’ve only ridden the bikes they sell, we’ve ridden almost everything over the last 8 years and can use that knowledge to ask the relevant questions and offer quality advice! Having enough financial stability from our Patrons will allow us to step away from chasing advertising dollars and focus more on you!


We’re also going to publish our travel and ride schedules so we can meet up with our fans on the road, ride together and even show them some of our test bikes.

There will also be monthly raffles, giveaway prizes, exclusive Patron member dinners, events and more. We really want to grow this community to a family where you can travel anywhere and have a riding friend ready to show you the goods and offer up a couch to sleep on.

Please consider supporting us as we strive to deliver one of a kind content in the most unfiltered and personal way yet! Every single dollar helps us in a huge way and will only give us more fuel to fire the best content back at you.

Check out our Patreon Page here.

Thanks for everything Wolf Pack!
Shralp and Destroy


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