Leatt Velocity 6.5 Goggles

Leatt Introduces Their New Velocity 6.5 Goggle

Photos by Christoph Laue

Last year at Interbike 2018 there were plenty of things that caught our interest, one of them being Leatt’s new Velocity 6.5 goggle. Although us media folks got to see them behind closed doors, they were actually hidden in plain sight for all to see. Hanging proudly above Leatt’s booth was a giant banner showcasing their newly released full-face helmet and 2019 gear. What many people missed however, were the Leatt goggles tucked inside that new full-face helmet.

Leatt’s new “bulletproof” goggles are more than just marketing hype. When Leatt says the Velocity 6.5 goggles are bulletproof, it’s not just a figure of speech. These goggles are certified to meet military ballistic impact standards (MIL-DTL-43511D) as well as ANSI Z87.1-2015 and CE EN 1938 :2010 standards. That’s probably a bunch of mumbo jumbo to most of us, but the takeaway is that these goggles are more than capable of protecting your peepers on the trail.

Inside our box of Leatt goggles was a sample lens that was shot with a .22 caliber bullet. You may not meet any trailside snipers on your bike, but you can ride assured knowing any rocks, roost or kicked up debris will be blocked by Leatt’s optically correct 2.7mm lenses.

Leatt Velocity 6.5 Goggle

The new goggles in three different versions: the Velocity 6.5, Velocity 6.5 IRIZ, and Velocity 6.5 Roll-Off.

Velocity 6.5

Velocity 6.5 IRIZ

Velocity 6.5 ROLL-OFF

Leatt Velocity 6.5 Goggle

Frame construction is beyond sturdy as these are some of the stiffest yet comfortable goggles we’ve put on. The dual density frames have large outriggers that make lens changes quick and easy. The frames also have a tapered fit to reduce goggle gap in most helmets. If you try to twist or compress the outer part of the frame you’ll notice they don’t flex much. Adding to the safe, protected feeling you get behind them. Meanwhile the inner frame and padding offer a nice amount of flex and mold around the user’s face.

Impressively comfortable, the Velocity packs triple layer, dual density foam with a very soft, sweat-wicking fleece backing behind the lens. The fleece backing makes these some of the most comfortable goggles we’ve put on. Our testers didn’t have any pressure or reduced airflow through the nose. Some goggles can reduce the ability to breathe freely, causing more mouth breathing, which can then lead to goggle fogging, among other things…

Leatt Velocity 6.5 Goggle

This brings us to our next topic. Leatt claims that their dual pane lenses are fog-proof. The inner polymer is treated with an anti-fog treatment, so, mouth breathers rejoice! Externally, Leatt claims the lenses are scratch resistant thanks to a special coating. The WideVision lenses also offer a 170-degree viewing angle, with a self-draining design. Nine lens options are available, with 20-83% light transmission, and a full array of colors.

The Velocity also has a removable nose guard so you can have protection if needed. The wide 50mm anti-slip goggle strap is available in a variety of colors and has a tacky rubberized coating to keep the goggles in place.

Goggles are kind of like sunglasses, some people just view them as decorative accessories, making color choices or cost their top priority. Still others view them as a major piece of the protective armoring before a day on the bike. It seems some people forget that goggles protect two of our most valuable assets to riding, our eyes!

Leatt Velocity 6.5 Goggle

There are marketing brands who make goggles. Then there are brands who take the time to properly design eyewear. While we’re guilty of occasionally wearing a blingy pair of helmet jewelry to match a kit or bike, we can’t deny that having the new Leatt Velocity goggles in our gear bag will likely change that. They undoubtedly offer way better protection and vision thanks to their optically correct 2.7mm lenses, and what’s better is they do it at a less-than-premium price. Plus you still have over 15 color combos to choose from. We have yet to spent time riding in our new goggles, but if their on trail performance is as good as the fit, feel and first impression, we may have a new favorite.

Stay tuned for a full and unbiased review after we get some wet, winter moto and MTB rides in our new Velocity goggles! We’ll see if the fog-proof, scratch resistant claims hold up.


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6.5 Roll-Off: $99.99;
6.5 Iriz: $89.99;
6.5: $79.99;
Lenses: $9.99- $24.99

Website: leatt.com

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