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Jaxson Riddle Goes Big in Virgin

Jaxson Riddle is a man of few words, but you don’t need to talk much when your riding is this good. A Utah desert rat from birth, Jaxson is at home on the red soil and isn’t afraid to go huge with effortless style. We first discovered Jaxson in a SR Suntour/ Loam Wolf Instagram contest and instantly knew he’d be someone to watch. We’re proud to say he’s our first officially sponsored athlete and we’re excited to continue sharing his progression! This kid is going to make waves in 2019.

In this latest edit for Tannus Tires, Jaxson rides the old rampage site in Virgin, Utah with effortless style. It only makes sense that the terrain that paved the way for freeride mountain biking is the same place that has groomed the young Jaxson Riddle. This summer, he’ll be doing a traveling video series at some of the best riding locations in the U.S. so keep an eye our for the rest of the videos!


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