Pivot Mach 4 SL



A Gravity Defying Cross Country Rocket Ship

Lightweight, efficient and fast, the Mach 4 SL is all about creating cross country speed.

Today, Pivot Cycles introduces the new Mach 4 SL – a cross country race bike designed to let World Cup level athletes capitalize on every inch of increasingly technical courses and generate speed where others hesitate. Our engineers have pushed the boundar
ies in every conceivable metric of cross country performance. This is the lightest, fastest 100mm travel XC race bike we’ve ever developed.

Starting at 1845 grams, the Mach 4 SL takes a front row seat in the ultralight full suspension category and has the best stiffness to weight ratios we’ve ever created. The new Mach 4SL is over 300 grams lighter than its feathery predecessor, the Mach 429 SL.

“The Mach 4 SL is a total cross country rocket ship,” says Pivot Cycles President and CEO, Chris Cocalis. “We wanted to give our athletes every advantage possible in the upcoming Olympic year. With the development of the Mach 4SL we exceeded all our weight and performance targets. This one really takes both the Mach 4’s light weight and agility as well as the Mach 429SL’s speedy heritage to an entirely new performance level. The bike just flat out rips.”

Pivot Mach 4 SLPivot Mach 4 SL

Fox Live Valve integration gives the Mach 4 SL next level cross country suspension. The efficiency benefits are undeniable, and the speed gained on every part of the course is truly mind-blowing. The shock layout may be different, but the 100mm travel dw-link® suspension keeps its legendary and familiar ride qualities: ultimate pedaling efficiency, reactive to impacts under power, and fully active while braking –its everything you want from the ultimate XC race bike.

The Mach 4 SL fits the widest range of riders and all genders without compromise. The new extra-small size fits riders down to 4”10” with a lower standover height than even our Mach 4 Carbon with 27.5” wheels. “With the Mach 4 SL I still have room for handlebar height adjustment and spacers under my stem… I’ve never had that on a 29er before,” says 5’2” Stan’s Pivot athlete, Chloe Woodruff. “and my size XS frame still fits a large water bottle!” The Mach 4 SL comes with a slacker head angle, longer reach and shorter stays for a whole new feel and confidence on the fast, tricky descents that have become increasingly common on World Cup cross country courses.

Pricing, Specifications, and Availability: The new Mach 4 SL will be available in three color options—Team Blue, Cherry and Stealth. It is available as a frame, frame kit, and a complete bike in multiple configurations, ranging from $4,599 to $11,299 USD. The Mach 4 SL is available now, in all sizes, at key Pivot Dealers worldwide. For more information, visit Pivotcycles.com

Pivot Mach 4 SL
Pivot Mach 4 SL
Pivot Mach 4 SL
Pivot Mach 4 SL