How to be National Champion

Video by Jack Berg | Photos by Burke Saunders, Jack Berg & Sean Leader

The American Dream, a video series that follows three good friends Neko Mulally, Dakotah Norton, and Max Morgan through their downtime, training, and antics at home as they prepare for the 2019 World Cup Season.

Neko, Max, and Dakotah all live and train together in North Carolina and Tennessee making this a natural fit for us at Newground Hard Dutch Latte, a local NC company, we support the boys and work on a bunch of fun media projects together throughout the year. Follow the guys through their adventures outside of the circuit in this series produced by Jack Berg.

In Episode Three, the boys head to US National Champs in Winter Park, Colorado, where they all go head-to-head for the iconic ‘US Sleeve’ on their jersey. With Neko being the defending downhill champion the pressure was on, that didn’t affect the joking around all week though!

“Winning the National championships is all about pride. There’s races during in the year with big prize money and big bonuses, but this one is about being the best from your country and representing the nation with the sleeve on your arm whilst your racing abroad for the whole season. I’m really proud to win it and it means a lot to me!” – Neko Mulally

Newground: The American Dream - Episode 3

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Newground: The American Dream - Episode 3