Climbing Ain’t Dead

eMTB Climbing with the Altitude Powerplay

It’s no secret that riding an eMTB makes climbing easier. In fact, that’s kind of the point for a lot of riders. But for Camille Servant, he sees the added assistance from the motor as a chance to approach riding differently. From climbing up features he never dreamt possible to picking routes that mine as well be the Penrose Stairs, Camille’s having as much fun on the climbs as he is on the descents. There’s something to be said for the love/hate relationship many of us have for the traditional and monotonous grind, but we’re excited to see Camille innovating. For more on eMTB climbing and the Altitute Powerplay, click the link below!

Presented by: Rocky Mountain

Video by: Lone Wolf Productions

Featuring: Camille Servant