Abbey Bike Tools - Team Issue Tool Kit


Introducing the Team Issue Tool Kit

Abbey Bike Tools is proud to introduce you to the newest addition in the Abbey range, our first tool kit. We don’t make pedestrian tools and this is no average kit. There are tools that we love using, made by some pretty awesome companies so we added those to the mix of our speciality bike range. Tools from Knipex, Wera, Klein, Pelican and Starrett. These are tools that have earned their keep in the pits at races across the globe and in service departments in the best of shops.

This 4 layer kit follows in the spirit of Tool Box Wars. Starting with a Pelican iM2200 case complete with custom graphics and name tag. In the lid you’ll find the basics; needle nose pliers, flush cuts and drivers for hex, philips and flat head screws. The top layer houses the cornerstones of the Abbey range, the HAG, Crombie and Whip it. There’s also a nice set of ball end hex and torx keys. A flashlight, Shimano crank preload tool and Stu Stick round out the top layer. The middle layer houses our BBQ pedal wrench, Decade chain tool, and Wash Buddy. Cable Cutters, Pliers Wrench and a tape measure complete the 2nd layer. The bottom layer is where you get to make this kit your own. There’s a small parts box in there and that’s it. There’s 4 removable squares of foam that you can use to store bulk items or cut the Kaizen Inserts foam to fit specific tools.


Abbey Bike Tools
Crombie – Dual Sided TA
Whip-it for Dual Sided
Decade Chain Tool
Wash Buddy, Complete
Pedal Wrench
Crank Preload Tool
4 Way (2.5-3-4-5)
4 Way (T10-T15-T20-T25)
Stu Stick

Diagonal Flush Cutters
Pliers Wrench
Cable Cutter
Needle Nose

9 piece Hex Plus Set With Ball End
1mm flat blade Screw Driver
#2 Phillips Screw Driver
9pcs Ball End Torx Set
2.0mm Hex Plus Driver
3.0mm Hex Plus Driver

Pelican case #iM2200
Pelican 1920 Flashlight
Klein Scissors
Plano Box
Starrett Tape Measure in/cm
Size: 16.2 x 12.7 x 6.6 inches, 41.1 x 32.3 x 16.8cm

Weight: 18lbs, 8.16kg

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Abbey Bike Tools - Team Issue Tool Kit