By Dylan Crane

This is the second video in the Symbiosis trilogy. It picks up where the first video left off; Dylan getting up to start his daily routine. However, the rider inside him has other plans for the day. It’s no longer just the dreams, Dylan feels the presence at all times and it’s intensifying. As it starts to affect his actions, the symptoms of a virus begin to take hold. Dylan becomes sick and starts to lose track between his life and the riders as they’re pulled closer together. Presence ends with Dylan’s acceptance of the rider within him and ready to leave his old life in the dust.

If you missed Episode I, Check it out here.

Symbiosis Episode II: Presence

Symbiosis Storyline

As life became more complicated and busier, the rider inside Dylan was torn away and trapped in an alternate dark world of confusion and struggle. This went unnoticed by Dylan as he was swept away by life’s responsibilities such as school and work. But Dylan’s riding persona was in a constant struggle to return to its host, much like a virus. This rider was in a race to close the gap between itself and Dylan. As this gap shrunk, the path for the rider would become slightly clearer and it would start to affect Dylan in his reality. As a virus, it would start to take over unexpectedly and Dylan would be helpless to feeling sick to the riders uninvited presence. Dylan would start to feel an addiction to the presence and an acceptance to the rider meant they would both be working towards a final symbiosis where the rider would finally have full control again in Dylan’s reality. After Dylan is able to release the restraints of his responsibilities that had been tethered to him for so long, he would finally excel at his true love of riding and the rider inside him would no longer be lost.

Symbiosis Episode II: Presence

Why Symbiosis was Started:

I had decided that I would use my 2019 summer to finish up my schoolwork at the University of Colorado at Boulder so that I could move on and finally peruse my dream of riding full time in 2020. While college has been an incredible experience and has opened so many doors for me, it has also been apparent to me just how intrusive is has been on my riding. Which, as all my friends and family can attest to, I am slightly narrow minded on. Let’s just say I’m excited for 2020. My friend Kai Maulhardt, now a creative director in various disciplines, had been toying with the idea of doing a biking video that pulled stylistic ques from the music video industry. My time in Boulder and the idea of a transition away from school and a typical lifestyle was the perfect thing to construct this video off. We wanted to do something different from the typical shredit you could find any random day in the industry. As we grew our ideas, so did our crew and supporters. It was very exciting to see. While the first video showed a few mixed opinions, we expected this as it was quite different. We do, however, hope that there are a bunch of people out there that appreciate the creativity and it inspires them to do something similar.

Symbiosis Episode II: Presence

About Me

I grew up fortunate enough to spend my time playing outside far more than most. My summers were usually spent on the river rafting and traveling with my family. It wasn’t until high school that I was introduced to mountain biking when we moved to Carbondale CO. I was quickly hooked on racing and, thanks to some great local riders and schoolmates, I progressed quickly and was entering the elite ranks within a few years. In 2015 I got to travel over seas to race a couple IXS Cups and my first world cup. I had yet to figure out my consistency with a lot of DNF’s but I did end that season with a Big Mountain Enduro elite podium and my first taste of success in collegiate racing. By 2016 I was well into college and struggling to balance the two. My progression nearly came to a halt. I took two part time years to straighten my priorities before dedicating my time to finishing my schooling. Thankfully during this time, I was still able to race part time and I am now the proud holder of four collegiate downhill gold medals. I’m excited to be once again perusing riding full time and will be competing in the entire Crankworx World Tour and more.

Symbiosis Episode II: Presence