The third generation of PNW Components’ reliable Rainier Dropper Post, this iteration boasts a tool-less adjustable travel system and shorter post size to fit a larger variety of bikes.

In the bike industry fashion is determined by the mud on your shorts and dust on your shoes. Yet, there is something undeniably satisfying about a freshly tailored suit, and the crew at PNW Components designed the all new Rainier Dropper Post to add that custom tailored feel to your bike. The past version of this post was known for its consistency and reliability. While maintaining those qualities, this new iteration focuses on fitting more bikes, providing refined adjustability for the rider, and maintaining the weather-tight construction.

The new Rainier introduces the Tool-less Travel Adjust System – say that 20 times fast. Traditionally, dropper posts come in only a few travel options across a diameter size. This is a woefully small offering when considering the range of body types and seat tube insertion lengths. Designed to provide further fit options, the new Rainier offers 30mm of travel reduction in 5mm increments.

So what’s the benefit? Say that after using the dropper post calculator on the PNW Components website a customer is right in between a 200 and 170mm travel post, maybe 185mm is the perfect amount of travel for their bike. Since the 200mm is too long, they’d have to buy a 170mm which leaves meat on the bone and doesn’t maximize the amount of travel they can actually fit. With the new Rainier’s tool-less travel adjust system a rider can quickly make the adjustment and be off to the trail with 15mm more travel than they would have had previously.

PNW did some other nifty stuff to improve this dropper. With the goal to create a dropper able to fit into a wider range of bikes while maximizing the available travel, the Rainier is now
significantly shorter. Length reductions vary by travel but they knocked out 27.5mm of overall length from the 125mm size.

There’s a lot going on with this dropper, but the true beauty is the simplicity. The Tool-less Travel Adjust System is easy enough to use trail side. A fully sealed cartridge guarantees reliability and less tinkering, and when it does finally come around to servicing – takes less than 10 minutes to do so. Like those fancy customized vitamins, the Rainier Dropper is  designed to be the tailored addition to everyone’s two-wheeled best friend.

PNW Components All New Ranier Dropper Post

The short story: PNW Components’ team loves riding anything with two-wheels. So they’ve taken their years of industry experience and relationships and developed great products at a more palatable price. To save customers money for the important things—like extra dog treats.

Their mission has been to make good products and support their customers. With a three-year warranty and rad customer care team, they work to accomplish that goal.

You can find PNW Components products at or check out your local bike shop to see if they carry their product. PNW Components can be reached at

PNW Components All New Ranier Dropper Post