Guerrilla Gravity Releases Gnarvana




Photos by Justin VanAlstyne | Poster Art by Travis Gillan

Ripping down the steepest, chunkiest, fall-line trails is a zen-like experience, simultaneously losing all sense of self and becoming one with your bike. This flow state requires the right tool for the job, a bike that knows no limits, instilling a daredevil’s confidence and monk’s focus. Chasing this feeling is what inspired Guerrilla Gravity (GG) to develop the Gnarvana.

The Denver, Colorado manufacturer’s latest development pairs 160 mm of Freedom Linkage-controlled travel with 29” wheels to create a bike fast enough to outrun your professional distractions and release yourself from terrestrial bonds. Come as you are and ascend to the next level with Gnarvana.

The main frame of Gnarvana is built using Revved™ Carbon Technology, the evolution of traditional carbon fiber. Just as you will be reborn on your path to Gnarvana, Revved is carbon fiber born anew with advanced resin chemistry that is both impact-resistant and environmentally-conscious, because your bike should be tough enough to withstand a drop from the unspoilt heavens.

Gnarvana is the fifth model built on the GG Modular Frame Platform.

Guerrilla Gravity Releases Gnarvana

When designing the Modular Frame Platform, Guerrilla Gravity was excited at the possibilities of using Seastay Tuning Kits to change the way its riders experience a new bike day. Rather than purchasing several bikes for each discipline, their designers envisioned a future where your bike choice is no longer a compromise but a new way to adapt to your terrain and riding requirements. This flexibility allows riders to swap between 120, 145, and 160 mm 29” wheel platforms depending on the locale. If big achievements on little wheels is more your style, there are also 130-140, and 155-165 mm variants for 27.5 fans. Gnarvana is your own personal utopia, ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

So, if you already own a Modular Frame Platform equipped GG bike, you can use a Gnarvana Seatstay Tuning Kit (sold individually) to convert your bike into the latest in trail-taming technology. Depending on your existing bike configuration and desired change in ride quality, shocks, forks, and wheelsets are available with Seatstay Tuning Kit orders to complete your conversion.

“With Gnarvana, you have ultimate line choice freedom, just point it straight over or through whatever you want.”
– Chief Enginerd Matt

How does The Smash stack up to Gnarvana? The Gnarvana’s chainstay length has been stretched out to 450 mm, balancing the rider between the wheels so they can focus on what’s ahead of them. The extra stability from the lengthened chainstays, 15 mm more squish out back and 20 mm more of rock-smashing forgiveness up front (adding up to 170 mm fork travel) combine to erase any bad decisions made in a former life. Additionally, its 63.7 degree head tube angle (compared to The Smash’s 64.7 degrees) gives riders additional control to process trail inputs and respond with the best path to enlightenment.

Gnarvana is available in a power trio of customizable build kits plus a frameset option starting at $2195 for those wishing to build their own bike. GG Modular Frame Platform owners can convert their frames for $445 using Gnarvana Seatstay Tuning Kits (add the 230 x 65 shock of your choice and get a discount).

Each of the three build kits (Ride, Rally, and Race) are curated using components guaranteed to hold up to the familiar cycles of shred and rebirth. GG riders demand nothing less and build kits are completely customizable based on your preferences. Be sure to click “Customize Build” on the newly revamped website to swap components around.

Gnarvana frames are currently in stock and scheduled for delivery on the following lead times:

  • Seatstay Tuning Kits: 2 weeks, starting at $445
  • Frameset: 2 – 4 weeks, starting at $2195
  • Complete bikes: 3 – 4 weeks, starting at $3895
Guerrilla Gravity Releases Gnarvana

If you’re one of the first 100 riders to scoop up a Gnarvana, you will receive a limited edition Gnarvana poster, illustrated and signed by Travis Gillan, the local Colorado artist. Each poster is screen printed by hand at Pine Printing so you can pair your handmade bike with a limited edition handmade poster.

Guerrilla Gravity offers three ways for you to buy your Gnarvana along with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on your new bike.

  1. Rider Direct (available in USA, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand) – visit, configure your Gnarvana, and order it.
  2. Demo Center (available in USA and UK) – GG Demo Centers offer a way to test a bike in person before placing your order.
  3. Shop Direct (available in USA and Canada) – support your scene and order your bike through your favorite local shop.
  4. International Distributor (available in Chile, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore) – get in touch to be connected with an international distributor.

New riders can configure your Gnarvana at

Current Modular Frame Platform owners can purchase Gnarvana Seatstay Tuning Kits separately.

As a company committed to North American manufacturing, Guerrilla Gravity has been adhering to city, state, and federal responses to COVID-19. They have adjusted schedules to allow no more than 5 fulfillment staff in the facility at a time and are working multiple shifts to maintain stated lead times.

Riding bikes is an inherently dangerous activity and GG encourages you to enjoy your new bike in accordance with local regulations and within your abilities–we all like goin’ fast as much as anyone, but let’s all dial it back for the moment.

Guerrilla Gravity Releases Gnarvana