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The latest addition to the Hutchinson’s XC – Trail range, the Kraken Racing Lab, is the remarkable result of close
collaboration between designers and Hutchinson XC athletes.

The objective? Develop a fast, agile and reassuring tyre thanks to the addition of high lateral knobs to allow maximum confidence in cornering or rough terrain.

Available in two constructions, ultra-light 127 TPI or ultra versatile 66 TPI coupled with Hardskin™ bead-to-bead reinforcement, the Kraken Racing Lab meets the needs of pure performance addicts as well as XC Marathon competitors or Trail riders

Hutchinson began development of the Kraken at the request of some of its pro XC champions including David Valero from MMR Factory Racing. Initially, the goal was to have a fast tire with bigger dimensions and optimal grip, designed for traction as well as speed.

From a racing and performance perspective, the Kraken Racing Lab has been created as the ideal complementary tIre to the Skeleton, which will be available in bigger dimensions in 2020 (29×2.3). Kraken in the front and Skeleton in the rear.

During the development phase, Hutchinson’s R&D department pushed the limits of what was possible. The brand’s close connection with the world of high-level competition provided evidence that even pro-athletes were now looking not only for performance but for efficiency.

The challenge was to develop a very versatile tire: highly performant and with a lateral grip that would be able to cope with the toughest trails.

« The ultimate goal was also to expand the use of the Kraken to any mountain bike addict and trail lover. »

The architecture of the Kraken’s knobs has been inspired by the Skeleton, the ultimate tire in terms of performance. Developed in 29 x 2.30, its volume permits riding with lower pressures, meaning maximum comfort and serenity in the most chaotic parts of the trail.

The Kraken Racing Lab has been developed in two constructions, ultra-light 127 TPI or ultra-versatile 66 TPI coupled with Hardskin® bead-to-bead reinforcement, to meet the needs of pure performance addicts as well as XC Marathon competitors or Trail enthusiasts.

Hutchinson Tires Kraken

The Kraken’s design has been imagined in three complementary parts.

The tread, with its « chevron » shape, comes from Hutchinson’s XC background and has been inspired by the Skeleton. The Kraken maintains this characteristic « backbone » which is proven to supply great performance but its overall design has been upgraded to improve traction and braking. To create a more versatile tire, the knobs were built higher and with a greater volume, whilst the « chevron » shape has been opened up. The rolling performance is guaranteed by the knobs’ orientation and the continuous height of the central tread.

The side knobs of the Kraken are based on the strengths of the Cobra but upgraded. In order to provide maximum confidence in cornering, they’re massive compared to the central and intermediate ones. Those side knobs have also been inspired by the aggressive Griffus 2.5: they are linked in pairs and their «buttresses» run down the sidewall to strengthen the structure during distortion, reinforcing the grip. As the ultimate goal of this agile tire is to provide maximum assurance in all circumstances, the combo Kraken – Kraken is already a favourite of our pro-XC athletes.

The intermediate smaller knobs are distributed further apart than those on the central part. Their height, positioning and shape have been carefully studied to work somewhat like suction cups on tentacles, contributing to the Kraken’s traction. Homogeneously distributed along the surface, the knobs also improve the tire’s puncture protection.

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Hutchinson Tires Kraken