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Words by Drew Rohde

If you’re here on our website, then you already know the power a bicycle can have. You’re probably just as hooked on the ride and thankful that somehow along the way you found mountain biking. This two-wheeled machine not only transports the body as a simple mode of transportation, but it can also move the soul and offer a number of benefits for both physical and mental health.

As a child, I was lucky enough to grow up with the opportunity to get on a bicycle early on and it was something I instantly fell in love with. While I acknowledge how fortunate I was to have a bike when so many do not, the reality for me was that my bike wasn’t just a toy or mode of transportation. A turbulent and psychologically confusing household made the bicycle my escape mechanism. The time I spent on my bike allowed me to leave the house and craziness with nothing but the unknown in front of me. The wind in my face refreshed my soul and mind. Even now in my mid-thirties I can remember certain rides, personal “racetracks” I’d built and no-handed downhills that made me feel like the world was built for me to explore.

Here we are 25 years later, and I’m amazed to think that what started as a kid trying to experience freedom, challenge himself and escape stress at home has led to a lifelong passion and career.

Today’s current state is one of the most turbulent and volatile times I’ve ever seen. It’s impossible to turn on any digital device without seeing negative news, whether it’s pandemic lock downs or riots, street protests and violence. The barrage of fear and negativity for the last few months has undoubtedly taken a toll on many of us. For the most part, I’d wager to say we’re outsiders to the much of the hardships, living in the suburbs or smaller mountain towns, still able to get out ride, but that doesn’t mean we don’t feel it, or have sympathy for those who are living in the midst of it.

That revelation sparked our latest project. Thinking back to my childhood and I could jump on my bike to escape any time I wanted to was a blessing. As I thought about children in home situations worse than my own, with equally or even more stressful things happening on the streets just outside, the lack of escape hit me hard. I think we all know from experience, whether it’s an injury, bad weather or life’s obligations, if you keep us off the bike and out of nature for too long, we tend to get a bit edgy!

The fact there are so many kids living in volatile places, with so much going on and no way to escape it, served as the catalyst for the Trips for Kids and The Loam Wolf partnership. Our goal is to help get as many kids on bikes and into nature as possible. After a couple phones calls with the folks at Trips for Kids we were stoked to get the project rolling. We reached out to some friends in the bike biz to see if they’d help us out by donating some products for this fundraiser and were met with some amazing responses and support. So a thanks to all the brands and a huge thank you to Trips for Kids for all the hard work and effort they’ve put in so far.

“We are truly thrilled to be new pack members of The Loam Wolf team. Their dedication to educating the mountain biking community and passion in wanting to help us transform the lives of the youth we are committed to serve made this collaboration project an easy to decision for us. ” 

– Dan Jeffris. Trips for Kids Board Secretary

“We appreciate The Loam Wolf team’s understanding of the importance in getting youth, especially those most in need, introduced and connected to cycling. They believe, as we do, that the transformative experience of bicycling should be shared with all kids and made available in all communities. We are proud they are becoming members of our Trips for Kids family. ” 

– Amy Carver, Trips for Kids Program and Development Manager

Trips For Kids
Trips For Kids
Trips For Kids
Trips For Kids
Trips For Kids
Trips For Kids

About Trips for Kids
Trips for Kids is a national nonprofit 5013C who’s mission is “To provide transformative cycling experiences through a network of chapters that promote healthy, recreational lifestyles, environmental awaress and personal empowerment for young people of all communities, especially those most in need.”

Founded in San Rafael, California in 1988 by social activist and cycling legend Marilyn Price, Trips for Kids has always realized that there is a healing and educational component of being outside in nature and the bicycle is a great tool. Trips for Kids programs offer new experiences to at-risk and underserved youth typically in the 10- to 17-year old age range and thought these outings hope to instill self-confidence, personal responsibility, achievement and appreciation for the environment.

The organization grew organically but saw a bike expansion when they established the ReCyclery Community Bike Shop and Earn-a-Bike Workshop programs. The ReCyclery shop funds some of the activities while the Earn-a-Bike program teaches kids valuable mechanic skills that can either translate to caring for their own bike, or even getting a job at a bike shop in the future.

Over 230,000 young people have had positive experiences thanks to Trips for Kids since 1988. There are now free bicycle programs to over 20,000 youth annually,  there are Discovery Trail Outings, Adventure Clubs and other ways for at-risk youth to find new and healthy ways to recreate outside.

With this fundraiser, we hope to have an insanely popular and generous Online Auction with funds going directly to Trips for Kids so they can be used most effectively to give those most in need an escape and possibly a life-changing moment!

To learn more about Trips For Kids, Click Here.

If you’d rather not take place in the Online Auction, you can make a donation directly to Trips for Kids by clicking here. No amount is too small and the kids will appreciate any amount of help you can spare.

Trips For Kids


Here are the awesome brands who are auctioning items off:

Trips For Kids


Ruggedly handsome, the Reserve 30 Carbon wheels sport a 30mm internal width, thick rim beads for enhanced durability and weigh in at 1,751 grams.

When we asked the folks at Reserve Wheels they were instantly on-board and thrilled to help out. In fact they even replied, “Everyone at Reserve Wheels/ Santa Cruz Bicycles believes that bikes are a force for good. We all have our own personal stories about how our lives were and continue to be made better by the act of cycling. Trips For Kids mission to positively impact kids’ lives by getting them on bikes is a powerful tool for creating change for individuals, and with that, humanity.

Click here to learn more about Reserve Wheels

Trips For Kids

2x Adult Rally Wave Cel
1x Youth Jet Wave Cel

Bontrager was so stoked at the opportunity to get more kids on bikes that they sent out six of their brand new WaveCel-equipped adult and youth helmets. We repurposed a couple of the helmets for Trips for Kids children who needed helmets but put the rest up here for auction. The Rally helmets use this collapsible cellular structure to offer a unique and effective way to dissipate energy during an impact. The helmets also feature an adjustable visor, extended back-of-helmet coverage, a BOA Fit System and crash replacement guarantee.

To learn more about the Bontrager WaveCel helmet line, click here.

Trips For Kids

SDG Components
Cockpit Kit: Bel Air V3 Saddle, Tellis Dropper Post and Thrice Grips

Who doesn’t love freshening up their bike with some fresh cockpit accessories? Our friends over at SDG Components have generously donated 3 (three!) dropper post, saddle and grip combos to help raise funds for Trips for Kids. Winner gets to pick color combo. The new Thrice grips are hot off the press and we’ve just received our first set and like them a lot! The Tellis Dropper post is a solid piece of kit that we reviewed last year after some hard winter abuse. Last but not least, the legendary SDG Bel-Air saddle was recently refreshed for the V3 launch a couple months back. The new saddle boasts lots of modern new features, materials and the same mild to wild colors SDG has always been known for.

To learn more about the SDG products, click here.

Trips For Kids

Carbon Team Issue Handlebars

The kind folks at ProTaper have donated two pairs of their carbon Team Issue handlebars. These bars are 810mm wide with a 31.8mm clamp diameter and come in either a 25.4mm or 12.7mm rise. Weighing in at 190g, these carbon bars feature Plastic Foam Lamination manufacturing process, which uses tiny particles and steam pressure in the lamination process to expand and shape the structure of the bars. This process requires less resin and fewer plys of material, resulting in less material waste and a lighter bar.

Visit to learn more.

Trips For Kids

Home Mechanic Starter Kit

Park Tools is a major supporter and sponsor of Trips for Kids so it only makes sense that they helped throw down a killer Home Mechanic Start Kit for the Online Auction. This is a great setup for riders old and new. If you’ve been riding a while chances are you’re missing some Allen’s, or have grease stains on your screwdriver handles. And if you’re new, you may not have all the essential tools to complete the maintenance that you’ll soon be learning how to do! Get your bid in for a chance to get your toolbox freshened up.

Check out for more info.

Trips For Kids

Bottle Systems

The crew over at Fidlock have donated several bottles to our auction and we are very excited to feature them here. Fidlock bottles and mounting systems use an innovative magnetic locking system to hold bottles and other accessories in place. Simply twist the product off the magnet to break the lock and you’ve got quick and easy access.

To check out more of Fidlock’s offerings, click here.

Trips For Kids

Trigger FF Helmet & Trigger Knee Guards

Our good buddies over at The Gravity Cartel were kind enough to supply some iXS protection for the auction as well as some others goods from Spank you’ll see below. We’re big fans of the iXS Trigger line and are stoked to help give some new protection to a generous rider out there. When we asked Cartel manager, Victor Sandrin about the opportunity he replied, “Growing up outside of New York City, I was fortunate to have parents that could take us to the mountains to escape the big city!  The appreciation you get for all life from being in the outdoors in nature is unmatched and so important for a healthy state of being.  My love for mountain bikes started in 1985 at 10 years old and bikes have played a big part ever since of my love of outdoors.  Trips for kids is such a great organization to help get kids who aren’t as fortunate as I was out in nature and seeing the world beyond the concrete jungle!”

Thanks Victor and The Gravity Cartel crew for helping Trips for Kids make an even bigger impact.

Visit to learn more

Trips For Kids

Spike 800 Vibrocore Bars / Spoon DC Pedals

The Gravity Cartel also works with Spank Industries, who also wanted in on the fund raising action. Enter your bid here for a chance to win a set of Spank handlebars and some new Spank pedals to add some new zest to your ride.

To see the full line of Spank Components, click here.

Trips For Kids

Youth Vice Shoes

Our friends at Ride Concepts are throwing a pair of their brand-new youth Vice Shoes into the auction. The Vice youth shoes are available in youth sizes 2 – 6, and come in 2 colorways.

To learn more about Ride Concepts shoes, click here.

Trips For Kids

Auron Fork

Our friends over at SR Suntour reached out and offered up a new Auron fork set-up however the winner would like. Available in 27.5 and 29 options, as well as boost or non boost axle spacings. The Auron can be adjusted to provide 130 – 160 mm of squish. All of SR Suntour’s WERX performance driven forks are hand assembled based of your riding weight and preferences using specific components and rider tuned adjustments that our own Werx factory riders use.

To learn more about SR Suntours offering’s, Click Here.

Trips For Kids

Proframe & Dropframe

Thanks to the kind folks at Fox Racing we’ve got two awesome helmets that will also be getting auctioned off. The Proframe and Dropframe are two helmets we recently reviewed and really liked, so be sure to get your bids in for a chance to win one and help support Trips for Kids.

Click here to see the Fox Racing helmet lineup.

We’d like to thank all the brands and all of you for participating in this raffle!
We are truly excited about the opportunity we’ve been blessed with to get more kids in need on bikes and experiencing nature.

If you’d rather make a donation directly to Trips for Kids, please click here.