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“Biking isn’t changing the world,” says Braydon Bringhurst, “But it is helping me to get through these difficult times and my hope is that it inspires others to do the same.” 

One of the most prolific trail riders on a mountain bike today, Braydon’s own inspiration for cycling began in Utah where he grew up racing BMX. 

Check out Braydon’s latest edit SOLACE—and keep reading to learn more about how his childhood heroes and peers inspired him and how he hopes to continue to inspire us with rad videos and a genuine stoke for the mountain bike community.


The Loam Wolf: Tell us, how did you get started in cycling? 

Braydon Bringhurst: I grew up racing BMX in the Utah race scene. I raced and traveled the country with Mitch Ropelato. We were some little dudes, but we always found the craziest gaps and enjoyed taking out some of the biggest riders in the corners. 

Some riders that I respected the most and raced against were Kris Fox and David Herman. They were always some of the most stylish and fastest racers, but were always so nice and down to earth. I have really enjoyed and have been inspired by Kris Fox with how he has gone in his own direction and not followed the mainstream direction of where BMX is going.

Canyon Cllctv - Solace Featuring Braydon Bringhurst

TLW: At what age did you hang up your BMX helmet—and why? 

BB: I was 18 years old. I loved BMX racing and finally earned NAG (National Age Group) rankings on both class and cruiser. I could have gone professional, but didn’t feel true passion for it then—so I went another direction in life and that was a two-year mission for my church in southern California. After my mission, a pole vaulting scholarship presented itself and I took advantage of that to earn a degree in filmmaking from Brigham Young University.

TLW: How did you discover mountain biking? 

BB: I always followed Mitch and Cody [Kelley] on social media and was so proud to see their success. I never thought about getting to their level as I would say I’m still far from it but I just saw how fun it looked and knew I missed riding my bike. In 2016, my father-in-law bought me a $1,800 Breezer trail bike. I was so stoked and texted Mitch. We went for a ride in Draper, Utah, and he encouraged me to learn as much as I could. It also helped that he inspired me and showed me what could be done on a trail bike. It was then that I knew this mountain bike thing was something I wanted to be a part of. I never considered getting to a professional level, but more wanted to use my mountain bike to explore and find peace as I worked on pursuing my goal of an MBA.

Canyon Cllctv - Solace Featuring Braydon Bringhurst

TLW: In your The Loam Wolf interview last year, you credit Instagram for helping you get involved with the sport of mountain biking—can you explain how you have used social media to connect with the sport? 

BB: It’s similar to Tom Wallisch getting into the ski industry with YouTube back in 2007 with his super unknown edit. Before I started my account I would ride with my good lifelong friend Mitch Ropelato and he would say, “Dude, you are one of the most talented people I know,” and honestly, I had a hard time believing that—and I still do. When I started my biking Instagram account, I was at a point in my life where I was satisfied with everything I wanted to do athletically. I just wanted to connect with other bike riders and share the stoke of getting out on the trail. 

I am really grateful for Instagram because of the networking tool that it is. Having legendary bike industry members and brands push my stuff is a true honor as well. So having people like Shawn Spomer from Vital MTB, Drew Rohde from The Loam Wolf, Scott Hart from Decline, Red Bull, and now Canyon, along with Maxxis, Smith, Deity, SRAM, Zipp, RockShox, and Patagonia pushing my approach to MTB is definitely motivating to keep doing my own thing. 

Instagram is simply a tool to connect with others and that is what I use it for. The fact that I’m connected with so many amazing people gets me stoked. I have no issues saying that Instagram helped me—because it did.

Canyon Cllctv - Solace Featuring Braydon Bringhurst

TLW: Tell us about the new edit SOLACE—what was your motivation behind it? 

BB: I wanted to create something that resonates with other riders to showcase just how fortunate we are to have mountain bikes to get out and be free. I can only speak for myself, but having cycling through these hard days has helped me find solace. I think any form of cycling is far more unifying than dividing. I think there is a unifying element for people who use two wheels to find comfort these days. For me, ever since I was a little kid, I would go ride my bike to deal with life—for good or for bad. 

TLW: What advice would you give, to a rider of any age, with a bike and a dream?

BB: Seek out and go after what you are most passionate about. If going after a massive 24-hour ride gets you feeling stoked—do it. If sending huge cliffs and pushing the envelope of what can be done riding certain terrain gets you stoked—do it. Ride your bike for the reasons you love it. Life is too short to ride a bicycle for reasons you don’t love. Riding a bicycle is meant to make your life more enjoyable.

Canyon Cllctv - Solace Featuring Braydon Bringhurst

Instagram – @bikerbrayd

Height: 5’9″
Weight: 160 lbs

Frame: Canyon Spectral CFR 9.0

Fork: RockShox Pike Ultimate, 150mm
Fork Pressure: 95 psi
Rear Shock: RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate
Shock Pressure: 200 psi

Bottom Bracket: Pressfit DUB
Cranks: SRAM XX1, 175mm
Chainring: SRAM, 34t
Cassette: SRAM Eagle XX1, 10-50t
Chain: SRAM Eagle XX1 

Wheels: ZIPP 3Zero Moto
Tires: Maxxis DHF EXO, 27”x2.5”
Front Tire Pressure: 29 psi
Rear Tire Pressure: 31 psi

Handlebar: Deity Brendog, 760mm
Stem: Deity Copperhead 35mm
Grips: Deity Waypoint
Seatpost: RockShox Reverb AXS, 170mm
Saddle: Deity Speedtrap

Canyon Cllctv - Solace Featuring Braydon Bringhurst
Canyon Cllctv - Solace Featuring Braydon Bringhurst
Canyon Cllctv - Solace Featuring Braydon Bringhurst
Canyon Cllctv - Solace Featuring Braydon Bringhurst
Canyon Cllctv - Solace Featuring Braydon Bringhurst
Canyon Cllctv - Solace Featuring Braydon Bringhurst
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