Before we get to the press release, we decided to ask TRP’s Marketing Coordinator, Sean Doche, a couple questions about the project.

The Loam Wolf: So, what exactly are we looking at here? What is the difference of these EVO DH-R brakes compared to normal ones we’ve been riding all year?
Sean Doche: What you are looking at is our Special Edition Gold DH-R EVO specifically made for blinging out our athletes’ bikes at the World Championships. They are the same brake as the Silver DH-R EVO that we developed with our athletes and that you have been riding all year. They will be using the same rotor, the same 9 mm lever piston, and the same high-flow caliper technology, just anodized in gold and polished to perfection!

TLW: Who were some of the key athletes racing these brakes who wanted to run these for race day?
SD: Really the question should be, who didn’t want to run them for race day?! When we unveiled them to our teams of Intense Factory Racing, The YT MOB, Commencal 100%, and Scott DH Factory, there was an immediate excitement from all. However, I would say the YT MOB may have been lusting after them the most.

TLW: Does TRP have a nickname internally for these gold stoppers?
SD: We are all big fans of Austin Powers over here… so you can catch the drift.

TLW: Who’s World’s bike do you think looks the best?
SD: Once we all saw what The YT MOB did with their bikes, it’s safe to say everyone’s jaw hit the floor.

TLW: Often times we see brands make custom product for athletes that the rest of us drool over. What made TRP decide to actually produce a small run of these World Champ brakes?
SD: What made us produce these brakes was exactly that. Most of our employees grew up in bike shops, in racing programs, and drooling over those custom bikes and components that made Worlds an event aside from racing. We wanted to extend this exclusive product to everyone and allow our customers to have a piece of Worlds on their bike too.

TLW: How many brakes did you produce in this limited run and how long do you think they’ll last?
SD: Initially, we produced 200 sets of these brakes which were pre-sold to our most trusted dealers around the country. The list of shops can be found below, but considering how fast they sold, they likely won’t last long! Because of that, we are accepting backorders at for another run that will be released in the next month. As long as our customers want these brakes, we will continue to make them!

TLW: Should people run them on their bikes or keep them in a box as collectibles one day?
SD: TRP brakes were never meant to sit in a box. They are developed by some of the most demanding riders in the world and designed to be pushed to the limits. These are no exception! Replacement parts are always available through our customer service line meaning they can always be refurbished back to Bike Check condition.

TLW: Any chance this could lead to some more limited batch color offerings in the future?
SD: TRP was built on customization and has been known for creating different color options with our earlier road and cantilever brakes. With the brake masters of Tektro behind the craft, this will certainly not be the last!

TLW: Can we get a set?
SD: Head into one of these shops below and if you’re lucky enough, you might just walk away with some!
Worldwide Cyclery | Trail Head Cyclery – Cupertino, CA | Chalet Sports – Bozeman, MT⁠ | Crow’s Feet Commons – Bend, OR⁠ | Hanger 15 Bicycles – Orem, UT⁠ | Bikes and Beans – Boise, ID⁠ | East Fork Bikes – Pocatello, ID⁠ | Two Hoosiers Cyclery – Ogden, UT⁠ | GoRide – Salt Lake City, UT⁠ | Alpine to Urban Cycles – Salt Lake City, UT⁠ | Flagstaff Bicycle Revolution – Flagstaff, AZ⁠ | Bauerhaus Bikes – Boise, ID⁠ | Spartan Rides – Gilbert, AZ⁠ | All Mountain Cyclery – Boulder City, NV⁠ | The Bikers Edge – Kaysville, UT⁠ | Bikefettish – Murrieta, CA⁠ | JB’s Garage – Temecula, CA⁠ | Grass Roots Cycles – Grand Junction, CO⁠ | Kore North Bikes – Meridian, ID⁠ | Race Ready Repair Bike Shop – Conroe, TX⁠ | The Trail Head Bicycle Co. – Cleveland, TN⁠ | Rolling H Cycles – Nampa, ID⁠ | Laketown Bicycles – West Jordan, UT⁠ | Dirt Church – Huston, TX⁠ | Southern Carnage – Mooresville, AL⁠ | Calabazas Cyclery – San Jose, CA⁠

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Known for being the one momentous race of the season, the 2020 DH World Championships might just become the only race for many Athletes this season. This shapes Leogang, Austria as the prized venue to dream about gold.

Adding to the special occasion with custom bikes and custom parts, TRP is bringing a special golden edition of its DH-R EVO brakes for their sponsored athletes.

The discussion for customizing parts started early this year at test-camps before the proposed season even got underway.

“We picked up a great deal of excitement from our teams about special colors. So we gave gold a try since all our teams are running golden suspension.” – Colin Esquibel, the TRP R&D Test Engineer

With the Golden DH-R EVO, the function and features are 100% the same as the Silver DH-R EVO that was launched in May of this year. This ensures the same power, the same modulation, and the same 223/2.3 mm rotor, now with a custom World Championship color fit for any dream build.

“A mix of steeper courses and the fact that many riders switched from 27.5 to 29-inch wheels raised the bars during the last season. Just of the sudden good wasn’t good enough anymore. Bikes and speeds are increasing each year, so if frame and suspensions are changing, you have to change the brakes, wheels, and other parts. It’s the logical path to follow, we were riding 200mm/180mm when we raced on 26-inch wheels, everybody rides 203 with 27.5 (inch wheels), so it makes sense to have bigger 223/2.3 mm rotors with 29inch wheels.” – Thomas Estaque, Team Commencal 100%

The best part! TRP will make these Special Edition Gold DH-R EVO brakes available for sale to all customers at the same time the athletes are celebrating their World Championship success, on Monday October 12th.

• For US and Canadian based customers, order yours now at
• For European based customers, contact your TRP distributor or local shop.