Everyday Gradients


Video by @isaacwallenn 

It’s comforting to have my bikes laced up with FSA’s Gradient line for whatever I’m conquering next. On the bike, we put ourselves up against every type of gradient we could imagine, and it’s important that our equipment can handle the abuse.

Through the craziness of 2020, I picked up the hobby of recording and producing music. It definitely helped me keep it together. Since then, it’s been an obvious goal to incorporate that into my passion for mountain bike videos; diving even deeper into my creativity. Isaac and I filmed this video a year ago, and it’ll be the last video to release of Freedom 40, we unfortunately had to plow that spot.

It took a while to dial in the right song to fit the video, but I’m really glad we took our time with it. Stay tuned for this track to officially release in the near future! There might be a verse from another slope style athlete on it…

How long have you been making beats?
My good friend Keegan showed me how to use Ableton during the summer of 2019 and it’s been an obsession ever since. A lot of my experience with video editing and computers in general carried over and helped a ton.

How did you get into rapping / rhyming?
I don’t have much background in making music. I played guitar in 6th grade for a year. However, freestyle rapping has always been a hobby amongst my close friends that eventually died off after high school. Despite that, I’ve always had it in me, little rhymes and ideas would constantly come to mind. I realized it as a sign that I should lean in and pursue it.

What is the story behind Marcellus?
Marcellus is my middle name. My parents named me after Cassius Marcellus Clay, which was Muhammad Ali’s name before he converted to Islam. I felt it was a fitting alias for music.

Any musical plans for the future?
I have nothing but musical plans for the future. I have an album/EP coming out sometime in the next few months called “Thinking Out Loud”, and many more where that came from! 

Where can we find you?
You can find my latest music releases on any digital streaming platforms, and stay up to date by following me on instagram @theemarcellus. The song featured here, “Still Standing” feat Lil Moine, is out now wherever you stream music!

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