Put the Fun Back into Mountain Biking
with the Hellion Elite


March 18, 2021

Mountain biking doesn’t have to be so damn serious. Oftentimes, we just need a release from the daily routine whether it’s a job, school, home or worse — a pandemic. That’s where we find the bike, seek out a worthy local trail, and if we’re lucky a couple of good buddies to chase and indulge with us in our mental mischief.

While the riding itself doesn’t need to be so serious, that doesn’t mean the gear we use shouldn’t be. Plus, flats are just more fun.

Introducing Hellion Elite, the first performance low-top in the Ride Concepts line to feature the proprietary soft and grippy Rubber Kinetics | DST 4.0 MAX GRIP rubber compound. Whether you’re a beginner or everyday rider, when the day calls for giving it everything you’ve got, Hellion Elite steadfastly awaits battle.


The seriously fun but technical Hellion Elite checks all the boxes in terms of fit, grip and protection.

Recognizing that the anatomical foot shapes of men and women are vastly different, Hellion Elite uses gender-specific lasting (the three-dimensional mold of a foot) to deliver a precise fit and flex for both men and women. The shape of the last determines the shape of the shoe including factors such as the toe shape, heel width and height, and forefoot width.

You asked. We answered. The Rubber Kinetics | DST 4.0 MAX GRIP rubber compound with hexagon outsole delivers increased pedal feel and grip, making Hellion Elite the go-to for the utmost connection to the pedal regardless of conditions.

The Hellion Elite features a new two-panel microfiber synthetic upper that is lightweight, abrasion resistant and doesn’t soak up water. On the inside, a new antibacterial mesh lining helps to decrease that everyday odor.

The EVA midsole provides additional comfort and shock absorption on the pedal. An abrasion resistant toe cap with TPU toe protection wards off enemy fire. Finer details such as a gusset to keep the tongue in place and the nasty dirt out while an elastic lace tuck secures your laces.

Finally, the High Impact Zone Technology insole uses D3O’s impact absorbing material under the ball of the foot and heel to soak up the trail chatter, transferring less energy to your feet.

Hellion Elite is available now in men’s US sizes 7-13 (with 14 and 15 available in black/charcoal) and UK 6-12 (with 13 and 14 available in black/charcoal) and women’s US sizes 5-10 (UK 4-9).

$140 MSRP US | $210 MSRP CAD
€150 SRP Europe | £130 RRP UK

Ride Concepts is a rider-owned bike footwear company based in Reno, NV.
For more
information, visit www.rideconcepts.com.