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Bambino Bikes for balance bikes, pedal bikes, ride-along seats, helmets, and cycling gear for kids 6 months to 6 + years old.

Prescott, AZ: May of 2021, Bambino Bikes is opening its digital doors to those that want to have family adventures on two wheels!

Co-Founder, Ryan has been an avid biker for over 20 years and after having his first son Riley (one of the other co-founders), he recognized that there wasn’t a one stop shop that had everything he needed to start adventuring with Riley on his bike.

After sharing the frustrating buying process with a few friends (who also happened to be in the market for kids bicycles and gear), he realized that there is a niche that needed to be filled. Enter,

The core mission of Bambino Bikes is to get families on two wheels for more smiles, adventures, and shared memories. While providing less confusion, frustration and stress when buying a bike and accessories. Every item in the Bambino Bikes store is hand-selected and toddler-torment-tested by our team of little riders so that parents can be confident knowing that they’re buying the best bikes and gear for their kiddo(s).

Bambino Bikes

In the market for something that Bambino Bikes doesn’t carry? No problem! Bambino has a team of gear experts behind the scenes that will direct parents to the best products for their situation, because at the end of the day they are striving to build the next generation of happy riders.

In tandem with their launch this May, Bambino Bikes is beginning their support of the Cycling Community as a whole, starting with nonprofit, Grow Cycling Foundation. They want to help break down the barriers of getting people on bikes at any age.

Much like the plans for the Bambino Bikes store, at the start they’re doing what they can to support Grow Cycling, with big plans for the future.

The Ways Bambino Bikes Supports Grow Cycling:

  1. Yearly fundraisers to support Grow Cycling’s phased initiatives and help children and families get their first bikes and helmets.
  2. They give a percentage of their yearly store profits to the Grow Cycling Foundation.
  3. With each purchase on, customers can also give back, by just rounding up at checkout.
  4. At the Grow Cycling LA pumptrack (coming 2022) “Borrow A Bike” – Balance bikes and gear will be provided by Bambino Bikes.

Last and not least, Bambino Bikes is planning on launching an Already Loved program later in 2021. They’ll be creating a community of riders across the US and Canada to encourage reuse and resale of products so bikes can be used again and again!

Bambino Bikes

About Bambino Bikes: At Bambino Bikes it’s our goal to give you the best possible experience when shopping for your child’s first bike! That’s why we’re upfront with shipping costs on bikes, why we created the 30 Day Ride Happy guarantee, and why we’re available by phone, chat, email, and video call if you have any questions at all. Head to to learn more about all the great reasons to shop with us, we think you’ll agree.