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Following the recent boom of endure Mountain Biking in the Northeast, Red Bull Raw Slalom will provide consumers with a unique competition that provides fast-paced racing action in a spectator-friendly environment. Using the popular dual-slalom format, Red Bull Raw Slalom will provide head-to-head MTB racing on (2) mirrored tracks that incorporate a “hard enduro” design utilizing the natural/raw terrain of the Northeast, combined with unique man-made features including rock gardens, log bridges and high-cut loam/sand berms down to the finish line. Racers will go head-to-head in a bracket system taking the best times from each race to progress riders through Qualifiers, Semis and the ultimate Final.


Mens Open
1. David Lieb- Ida, MI
2. Dylan Conte- Waterbury Center, VT
3. Evan Booth- Jericho, VT

Womens Open
1. Mazie Hayden- North Claredon, VT
2. Riley Miller- E Burke, VT
3. Ming Goetz- Gunnison, CO

Mens Amateur
1. Brody Laker
2. Maxxwell Connolly- Jeffersonville, VT
3. Tomek Skiba- Forrest Hills, NY
4. Matthew Thompson- North Smithfield, RI

Womens Amateur
1. Leila Moreau- Northfield, NH
2. Kayjay Rooke- Milford, NH
3. Katlin Parenteau-


TLW: What was the inspiration for this event?
I love what the 50to01 guys are doing in the “Bangers n Mash” videos and I love slalom. Long turns, no berms, just a loose track to tear up with your tires. Raw Slalom is a race for “show-off” like me!

TLW: Did you have a goal for the track, and overall vibe of the weekend? 
AC: Of course! I wanted to build the ULTIMATE Dual Slalom course for enduro bikes.  You need all your mountain trail skills for this race.

TLW: Now that the event has come and gone, what were some of the highlights or proudest moments as an event (organizer? Track designer? What exactly was your roll?)
Im very proud of my counterparts on this event, there is so much work that goes into an event like this.  Jon and everyone @RedBull, Clay Harper and team, Powderhorn trail co, Triggerhouse, Killington and so many others!  My roll was concept and track designer.

TLW: If you watched our Bike Park Review Tour, you’ll remember us saying Killington is quite possibly our new favorite bike park. Will the track remain open for visitors who want to come back and ride here? Not like we need any more excuses to get back.
AC: Yeah Killington is amazing! They have some serious elevation, 3 lifts to all different peaks, nice accommodations, good food and good people.  Yeah the bike park is keeping the track open for the season!  You better come back and ride when the leaves fall.

TLW: How long have you been racing and professionally riding a mountain bike?
AC: I raced pro slalom and DH from 97-2003, 2004-07 competed in every free-ride comps until I broke my back and then adventure travel & content creator with GoPro and Red Bull from 08-now.

TLW: What would you say is the secret ingredient to staying in the game so long?
AC: The tip is to do everything you can, leverage your personal skills and make a plan and stick to it.  Keep doing what you love, show the world what you can do and keep doing it well until someone pays you.. and if not then at least you did what you wanted.

TLW: It’s impossible to ride as long and hard as you have and not have your share of injuries. How has self-care or protection changed as you’ve gotten older?
AC: haha yeah well.. Ive broken over 25 bones over the years.  Thats why I choose to ride for LEATT, they are the best protection company in the business.  I cant take those BIG HITS like I used to.

TLW: Do you find yourself wearing more, different or thicker pieces of protection compared to the older days? What are your go-to pieces of equipment?
AC: Yes of course, when I was a kid I hardly wore a helmet! haha but biking can be brutal and now that I have been bit a few times, I know.  First thing you need is a comfortable & quality helmet, neck brace is great and back protection. A bike crash usually ends up on your head or back and the grounds isn’t always forgiving..

TLW: Do you think we’ll be seeing more slalom events coming in the future?
AC: From me..?  IDK, Red Bull and Killington really liked the event so I hope so!

TLW: Will you be attending Kyle Straits Slalom Invitational in 2 weeks at Snow Summit?
AC: Didn’t get the invite.. whats up Lyle?  Nah, its all good, Im not traveling all that much these days.

TLW: Any other fun projects or upcoming events you can share with us?
AC: If you ever find yourself in the Highland bike park area and need a dope COMMENCAL to ride please hit me up!  Along with everything else I’m running the North East Demo Center for COMMENCAL.  I can set you up with gravity bikes, ebikes, kids bikes and even kids ebikes!!  Haha its awesome to be able to share the stoke with everyone and these bikes get people STOKED!

TLW:  Where can we ride with you?
AC:  Im guiding another epic trip to PERU in April 2022!  Its a week full of shuttle runs on Inca trails, exploring ruins with homies, scree field bombs, Machu Picchu, Inca Avalanche and all the culture you can soak up! or DM me @aaronchase on IG

TLW: Thanks for your time Aaron, as always, good chatting with you and hope to get out and ride soon! Maybe Sea Otter?
AC: I don’t see myself getting out to Sea Otter this year unfortunately.  Thank you all and STAY AWESOME!