It’s a Rental…

I’ve been quite happily riding the same bikes for ten years. But the time has come to branch out and try something new.

But it seems risky to just go blindly buy a bike. They’re expensive! What if I hate it? Do I even know what I want?

How does one even go about deciding what they like? Reading forums? Too many ill informed opinions. And boring. Ask my friend? He reads too many forums. Borrow my friends bike? He’s like half a foot taller than me. And what if I break it?

Luckily, during a time that inventory is in short supply, the bike shops in town have a buffet line of rental options. So I found something rad to try out. Rented it for two days. Hit it up my friends and rode as much as I could, everywhere that I could.

I hoped trying something new would spice things up and inspire a different approach to my riding. As well as give me an idea of what my next bike may be.

As they saying goes…”variety is the condiment on your life.” Mmmm condiments…

Anyway, I hope this makes you want to go ride with friends, have fun, and if things are stale, try something new. Because with bikes, that’s the whole damn point.

– Dusty