Orange Bikes

Launches the Phase AD3 Adaptive eMTB

Changing what’s possible.

The Orange Phase AD3 is a labour of love nearly 6 years in the making. It takes an Orange Phase eBike chassis and converts it into a go-anywhere adaptive mountain bike for riders that aren’t able to ride conventional ‘two wheel’ setups.

Launched in time with the 2021 Paralympics, the Phase AD3 celebrates riders of different abilities and is a project that we’re incredibly proud to put the Orange name to.

It has been developed by Orange engineer Alex Desmond, ex-EWS racer Lorraine Truong and a huge network of passionate individuals and businesses. It was made with the aim of helping more people discover, or rediscover, their love of mountain biking.

The Orange Phase AD3 was built by Strange, the special prototypes division of Orange. The Strange Division creates all of Oranges prototypes, as well as race bikes and components.

Simply put, the Phase AD3 is an adaptive eMTB that’s designed for the ‘proper’ mountains. It can ride up, along and down technical terrain, slash berms, send jumps and negotiate steep off-cambers and rutted out trails. Singletracks, bike parks and even big-mountain days on the chair lifts are all possible with the AD3.

The heart of the bike is the Orange Phase. The Phase AD3 then introduces a pair of cantilever linkage arms to join two additional head tubes. There’s then a second steering linkage element connecting two suspension forks to the original steering head tube.

The rider sits in a bucket seat to give them core stability, allowing them to balance the bike with their upper body. The bike is powered by a Paradox eBike motor which can be set up with a throttle or conventional pedal-assist as required.

The bike is amazingly capable in technical terrain, quick to learn and straightforward to use for people with a wide range of abilities. It can balance upright when stationary, it’s incredibly stable at slow speeds and, depending on the rider, can be mounted without assistance. The bike is also hugely customisable to meet a rider’s needs, with options to increase or decrease the amount of stability and assistance it offers.

Features at a glance:
  • An adaptive eMTB that’s built for technical, off-road terrain
  • Developed and manufactured by the Orange Bikes Strange Prototype Division
  • Designed by Orange engineer Alex Desmond with the input of ex-EWS racer Lorraine Truong
  • Built around an Orange Phase chassis, with Alex Desmond’s own Patent-Pending AD3 system and Paradox eBike motor
  • Hugely customisable to fit the needs of individual riders

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