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Nell’s TUES on the Road to Rampage

October 8,2021 – With only a week to go until the big show, Ethan Nell is already busy chiseling away at his line in the Utah desert with his dig team. While the athletes are putting massive amounts of work into their lines in preparation for the big show, the development of Ethan’s TUES frame has been underway for months already. This year, the 24-year-old American will be shredding a custom bike covered with illustrations from the heart of YT’s creative department.

Every year Rampage doesn’t only deliver the biggest adrenaline rush for the fans thanks to the creativity, courage, and commitment of the world’s best freeride mountain bikers, the event that is set in the Utah mountain range is also home to the most stunning custom frame designs. Ethan Nell’s fourth custom Rampage frame by YT has been in the works for months and will have been on quite a journey before it will eventually carry Ethan on his chosen path down the mountain. Even before confirmation of the event actually happening, first ideas were drawn up and the decision was made to create a collage of illustrations YT creatives have drawn up in past years.

“The TUES celebrated its tenth-anniversary last year and over the years we have come up with thousands of illustrations and graphics for campaign launches, stickers, patches, and logos. We wanted to pay tribute to the heritage of the brand, the TUES, and also this event this year, which is why we have developed a collage with endless detail. Every time you look at the bike you will find a new detail you didn’t recognize yet.”–Dennis Dastig, YT Senior Graphic Designer

One of the goals this year was to take a clearly different approach in comparison to the cleaner, sleeker look of the TUES World Champ frame designs for the YT Mob and develop something which is just as wild and loud as Rampage is – and unique, every way you look at it. This approach did not just require stellar design skills, but also a high level of craftsmanship by Riesel Design. Due to the complexity of the sticker bomb collage, it was not possible to spray paint the design to the frame, which is why YT teamed up with the German company that also specializes in stretch-wrapping frames.

You have to be a real fiddler to get it right. Making sure there are no ripples or bubbles and ensuring that all shapes are aligned on every edge when sticking every piece of the film together is certainly extremely time-consuming and requires a high level of attention to detail. We are stoked about how it turned out and hope that Ethan is stoked too. As a rider myself I get excited about Rampage every year. Seeing a rider like Ethan at the start gate with a frame we have worked on so hard for months is thrilling.”– Dennis Dastig, YT Senior Graphic Designer

“Just got the bike and I am stoked! Regarding the setup,I pretty much run the same setup for Rampage that I do all year round: super stiff, slow rebound, 27.5’’ in the front and 26’’ in the rear. I’m super picky about having 26” in the rear so I don’t hit my butt on the wheel yanking for flips and spins. Having well-bled brakes, good suspension settings, and fresh tires for maximum grip help a lot as well. I’m usually riding similar features, steep freeride lines, and jumps all year long so my setup I run for Rampage works great for all of it!”–Ethan Nell, YT Family Member

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Frame: YT Tues CF | size S

Fork: Fox Factory 40

Shock: Fox Factory Float X2

Wheels: Stans No Tubes Flow mk4

Brakes: Sram Code RSC

Cranks: Sram XO

Handlebar: Spank Spike

Stem: Spank

Seat: Errant Seat co

Tires: Michelin

Grips: Sensus

Drivetrain: SB One single speed

Pedals: Spank Oozy

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