2021 Red Bull Rampage VR & AR Experience


Rampage Improves Fan Viewing Experience
With New Innovative Offerings In 2021

State-of-the-Art Virtual Set, Updated Augmented Reality Features, and 5G Drone Technology
Powered by T-Mobile Added to Exclusive Red Bull TV Viewing Experience

This year, Red Bull Rampage fans watching from around the globe will be able to experience innovative new virtual production technologies added to the live broadcast, plus updated augmented reality features and added visual enhancements to the Red Bull TV app. Utilizing state-of-the-art virtual production technology and drone footage streamed over T-Mobile’s powerful 5G network, the broadcast will bring fans even closer to all the action and provide more viewing angles of the riders, course and lines than ever before, completely changing the way viewers experience the live event at home. Additionally, by using the latest A/R technology, viewers will be able to bring the entire mountain right into their living room – literally! The enhanced second screen experience will be available to mobile viewers on iOS and Android devices by downloading or updating the latest Red Bull TV app. The broadcast will air live beginning Friday, October 15th at 10am PT/1pm ET on Red Bull TV and will be available in eight languages including English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish and Russian.

Virtual Set Powered by Kia
In 2019, the livestream received a Sports Emmy in Outstanding Digital Innovation for the use of its game-changing broadcast elements. This year, those elements are being expanded even further and viewers will receive a completely unique perspective of the mountain and the custom features each of the athletes have built for their runs by bringing a hyper-real 3D model to life on a virtual set during the livestream.  The virtual production technology used here, as made famous in Disney’s “The Mandalorian”, is traditionally only used in studio and stadium settings, not in remote desert locations. To bring all this to life in just a matter of days, a footprint of 6 Unreal Engine super computers is used on-site to meet the tight turnaround time of not only creating the virtual set, but the 15 virtual previews of each rider’s line.

The technology provides viewers a new perspective of the iconic event by enabling the hosts to place a virtual camera anywhere on the mountain, leaving no blind spots anywhere on the entire course, which covers more than 4 million square feet and is heightened by the steep and elevated terrain. This allows the hosts as well as the viewers to check out every feature in detail, bringing added visibility to the tricks and analysis of each rider’s run.

Red Bull partnered with Phase One to capture the photorealistic 3D model of the course. The Phase One 3 payload used was equipped with a medium format Phase One iXM camera. It is designed specifically for photogrammetry and is the only one in existence in North America. The result is a 3D model made up of 2.6 billion polygons from over 2600 images of 100MP resolution each.

T-Mobile Brings 5G POV Drones and Connectivity to the Broadcast
Thrilling first-person T-Mobile 5G drone cameras will be integrated into the Red Bull Rampage broadcast for the first time. Made possible by the power of T-Mobile’s 5G network – the largest, fastest, and most reliable, according to umlaut, in America – the network will be used to transmit high-definition drone footage from the event. The 5G-connected POV drones will deliver immersive views as the world’s most elite freeriders take on the steep, rugged terrain of Southwestern Utah.

Red Bull TV Augmented Reality App
The hyper 3D model of the venue is also showcased on the Red Bull TV A/R app experience (which was nominated for the Best Visual Media Experience award at SXSW in 2018) where users can replay athlete’s runs and compare and analyze differences between multiple rider lines. The 3D A/R model of the mountain is accurate to scale and photo realistic, allowing users to zoom in and move around the course at the touch of their fingertips.

The Team and Partners
Featuring a world-class broadcast team including Selema Masekela, Pat Parnell, Tina Dixon and freeride mountain biking legend Cam McCaul, Red Bull Rampage live coverage begins Friday, October 15th beginning at 10am PT/1pm ET exclusively on Red Bull TV.  The event is supported by 100%, Adidas 5.10, Backcountry, BFGoodrich, GoPro, Kia, KMC, Maverik, Michelin, Polaris, Phase One, Shimano, T-Mobile, and the Utah Sports Commission. Thanks to the following sponsors for presenting these special awards that will be voted on and decided at the conclusion of the event:

  • Toughness Award by BFGoodrich
  • Style Award by Michelin
  • Digger Award by Kia
  • Best Trick Award by Utah Sports Commission

To stay up to date on the latest Red Bull Rampage event information, follow @RedBullBike and visit the event website here.


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