When you’re a kid, anything is possible.
A curb is always more than just a curb.
A stairway is always the most fun way down.
And a bump is always a jump.Because on a bike, you’re not just riding.
You’re fearlessly exploring yourself and your world.
And the Riprock is your starting line

Freedom is the absence of fear. And riding fearlessly requires a bike that can handle your kid’s imagination.

It’s why we designed Riprock to be a mountain bike from the very beginning. This meant focusing on all the features needed for superior ripping, like modern geometry, Ground Control tires, hydraulic brakes, internally routed cables, and top-of-the-line suspension.

Finally, we threw in a wider-range drivetrain, making Riprock truly the perfect bike to inspire riders to climb higher and tackle the downhills freely.

Specialized RipRock Kids Bike

Kids can’t ride confidently if they’re not riding comfortably. With Riprock, fit comes first.

This meant using data to re-imagine everything from how they grip to how they sit to create a bike specifically and proportionally for kids. That’s why Riprock features narrower diameter grips for better handling, maneuvering, and control.

We also created a 130mm Bridge Saddle and a narrower Q-factor to offer improved alignment between the hip, knee, and ankle, reducing the chances of injuries and pain while boosting pedal power.

We did all this because comfort creates confidence. And more confidence always leads to more riding fearlessly.

Specialized RipRock Kids Bike

When you’re a kid, a bike is more than just a bike. It’s the beginning of their fearless exploration of themselves and their world. It’s an introduction to seeing the world differently and the fun that comes with it. Toe the starting line with the Riprock, the best trail bike to kickstart a lifetime of riding.

What sizes and models do the Riprock come in?
The models offered are varied based on a rider’s height and skill level. Riprock is meant for kids height 42”/107cm – 56”/142cm and ages 4-12. We suggest that parents select bikes for their kids based on size and riding ability.
• Riprock 20”: 42″/107cm – 47”/119cm
• Riprock 24”: 47”/119cm – 56”/142cm
• Riprock Expert 24”: 47”/119cm – 56”/142cm

What benefits does the Riprock drivetrain bring to the rider?
Riprocks have true wide-range cassettes, up to a 42T cog, to enable the kids to climb higher and go further. The Riprock 20” has a 1×9 drivetrain. The Riprock 24” has a 1×9 drivetrain with a clutch rear derailleur. The Riprock 24” Expert has a 1x11drivetrain with a clutch rear derailleur.

What suspension does the Riprock Expert have?
The suspension on the Riprock Expert was carefully selected to offer the expanded capability to tackle more. The Manitou J-Unit Comp 100mm gives young riders a premium suspension offering. Paired with adjusted geometry, the Riprock Expert suits riders who are looking to take the next step in their rider’s journey.

To learn more, visit Specialized.com

Why don’t the Riprock base models have suspension?
The Riprock was crafted to give riders everything they need and nothing they don’t. Based on rider research, weight, handling,and capability are most important to riders who are taking their first steps in trail riding. The modern geometry of the bike, paired with its light weight and wide range drive train, help riders handle the bike confidently, while enabling them to climb higher, faster. Capability is built into the bike through tire volume, rider position,and grips. We truly designed the Riprock with an intimate focus on the rider’s experience.


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