Santa Cruz Bicycles

Steve Peat’s experiment for the ages

Are DH bikes faster today or is Steve Peat just slower? Santa Cruz wanted to know, so sent him down the classic Le Pleney track in Morzine, France, on his 2006 V10 race bike and the latest 2021 version to find out.

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Peaty dusts off his 2006 race bike (that he won the World Cup Series Overall on), some old race threads and tries to put down a heater on Morzine’s famous Le Pleney downhill course. Bikes have got longer, more stable, more reliable and suspension has got much better so he must be able to go much faster on his current V10, right? Can he even get close to his time on the current day race bike? You might be surprised at the result. Maybe Peaty was in his prime in 2006…

Click through to watch the science go down (luckily the only other thing that went down was a few 26″ inner tubes).

Note: Check out the flat spot in that rear rim on the ’06 bike, goddamn!


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