White Rim Trail FKT
Flat Pedal Challenge

The White Rim Trail outside of Moab UT. is one of the most beautiful trails in the USA, unless you’re at White Rim trying to set a FKT (Fastest Known Time) on a mountain bike. That is when it becomes a torturous desert filled with endless miles of bone jarring rock, sand pits, and a seemingly endless climb out of the canyon floor at mile 87 that simply takes your breath away.

Southern California’s Jared Lozonne ( @slothracing ) shares his vision quest after accepting a challenge from us to do the legendary White Rim Trail outside of Moab Utah…on flat pedals! You heard that correct. Many have tried to earn a FKT on this trail, but none to our knowledge have attempted the grueling 100 mile ride on flat pedals. Jared, armed with almost a gallon of hydration, a pair of high-top Vans shoes, and a set of Yoshimura Chilao pedals sets out to establish a time for all others to come and take on the Flat Pedal Challenge.

Yoshimura has hand crafted a one-of-a-kind Flat Pedal Challenge trophy that is to be passed to those that can break Jared’s time (kind of like the Stanly Cup). Join Jared on his quest to set the bar for all those who accept the challenge.

Get yourself a set of Yoshimura Chilao Pedals HERE.


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