Jill Kintner Relaunches Mind Maintenance Project

Jill Kintner

Mind Maintenance Project Relaunch

Fans Are Encouraged To Take A Mental Health Break & Stimulate Their Creativity Through Art

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Jill Kintner is one of the most accomplished professional athletes on two wheels, having won multiple World Championships across several disciplines in both mountain biking and BMX, including 25 Elite USA National Championships in 5 different disciplines, and a bronze medal in the Olympics. Off the hill, Jill’s personal passion for art and creativity has led her to study design and illustration at schools in both New York and San Francisco. In addition to using those skills on custom helmet and apparel collaborations, poster and web designs, vehicle wraps and much more, Jill will often draw elaborate course maps to help visualize her runs, providing a mental advantage over her competitors.

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“Just as I train for sport, art and creativity are also a big part of my success to have an outlet to express my ideas and work out problems visually,” says Kintner. “That’s why I want people to join me for Mind Maintenance, a project that helps unlock your creativity, put it on paper, and keep your mind flowing with healthy and active ideas.”

Fans are encouraged to take a mental health break and join Jill, as over the course of the next few weeks, Kintner will create several custom illustrated templates from which people can express their own creativity. Fans will be able to print or digitally download the templates, then color them in using their own unique ideas and inspiration (whether using crayons, markers, paint, digitally drawn, or other – anything goes!!), as well as share their designs online using the hashtag #MindMaintenance

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For fans ages 18 and over in the U.S., they will also be able to participate in the Mind Maintenance contest. Entrants can download the Mind Maintenance templates and let their imagination run wild as they create their ultimate design. Participants can simply share their design on Instagram by using the hashtags #MindMaintenance and #Contest, and they must be following both @JillKintner and @RedBullBike on Instagram for a chance to win a host of prizes such as:

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“I know there are many angles to take on mental health, and the past couple years have been unsettling in a million different ways. My approach to this contest is to give people a creative outlet through art,” adds Kintner. “Doing quiet little activities like drawing, coloring, sculpting, putting a puzzle together, etc. always helps me process my feelings and get expressions or ideas out of my head and on paper. The simple act of moving a pen to create something makes me feel better, so I want to share this therapeutic strategy with others to jumpstart their imagination, lower anxiety, and connect in a fun way with people who share a similar passion for bikes and the arts.”

Follow @JillKintner and visit the Mind Maintenance website to learn more, download templates, review the contest rules, and much more.

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