Orbea FOX Enduro Team

Mind & Matter Documentary

The life of an Enduro athlete

Being a Enduro World Series athlete is much more than training on an enduro bike for hours on end just to perform at the highest level for a weekend race.

What you don’t see is athletes involved in the product development for the gear they compete on, constantly tweaking their setup for the best race results, or competing around the world and quickly adapting to new demands and terrain.

In this Orbea FOX Enduro Team documentary, filmed during the EWS 2021 season, we see how Damien Oton, Vid Persak, Laura Charles, Edgar Carballo, Evan Wall and Gabriel Torralba faced many of these challenges and aspects of high-level competition. Some were good, some not so much.

Watch how the team was a part of the new Rallon’s launch, how Laura Charles reached the top of the podium in the ebike category and how Damien Oton said goodbye to the competition to join other projects at Orbea. All that and more with the Orbea Enduro Team, Mind & Matter.


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