2022 Canyon Torque




How do you improve a bike that can already hit huge jump lines, race at the Enduro World Series and max out the stoke-o-meters of park rats everywhere? That’s what our engineers asked themselves when they set out to re-imagine the Torque. The answer? Create one bike that would be the perfect option for a season in Whistler, Queenstown or any other all-time riding destination. The new Torque can tear through steep tech at high speed, throw shapes off massive kickers and boost little trail-side lips. It’s a long-travel weapon that is stable at pace, playful in the park and still makes (relatively) quick work of big climbs when there’s no chair lift around or the urge to spin the legs and explore the back country becomes too much.

A bike that can ride almost anything should be a good fit for nearly anyone. We re-engineered the entire Torque family to include wallet-friendly AL models, race-ready carbon crushers and a whole slew of different wheels sizes. With full 27.5”, 29” and Mullet setups (no, sorry not 26”) across both the CF and AL platforms, there’s an ideal Torque for every ride style and any terrain. From parking lot jibs to hot laps at the park to multi-day big mountain Enduros, it’s Torque time.

2022 Canyon Torque


What isn’t new? To update the Torque and put it at the forefront of modern long travel bikes we redesigned it from the ground up. The new version has a slacker headtube angle, reduced offset fork, a longer reach and a steeper seat tube angle. The frame is stiffer, more durable and, guess what, can fit a bottle cage!

The long wheelbase and slacker headtube angle keep the bike stable at speed. The reduced offset fork, longer reach and compact chainstays keep it playful and improve traction through tight corners. The steeper seat tube angle is ideal for the long, steady climbs that lead to the top of the burliest trails. But you’ve heard this all before. What’s special about the Torque is that even after having our pro riders and engineers put it through the wringer to come up with the ultimate one-size-fits-all long travel bike, we decided that that one size doesn’t really exist. That you, the rider, knows best and even though it took a lot more engineering and a lot more planning, we wanted to give riders their pick of wheel size and frame material without compromising the Torque’s all-out performance across each of the six different models.

2022 Canyon Torque


Have it your way. The Torque will be available with 27.5”, Mullet and 29” options. Why? Because depending on your ride style and line choice, there are a lot of killer ways to ride the same trail. We see this every time we head out for a ride or chat on trail with a mountain biker. Stand by the side of a trail segment and watch a handful of riders rip through, you might see differences in line, speed or airtime, but every one of them is having a blast. Wheel size has a massive impact on how a bike feels and responds on trail, and each setup has its benefits. We’ll leave the rider to ride how they like.

The benefits of 29ers are well documented: Better rollover, additional traction from the tires’ larger footprint, and improved rider confidence thanks to increased centrifugal stability, and longer overall bike length. Where there are many pros, there are also a few cons – increased weight, reduced agility, and greater wheel flex to name a few. That’s why we spent more than two years working to minimize any drawbacks and maximize the benefits of the 29” wheel. The result of our work: The Torque 29” platform boasts a dialed 29er geometry and an unbeatable stiffness-to-weight ratio

27.5” is anything but dead. If agility, precision, and all-out playfulness top your list of priorities, then this is the wheel size for you. When the trail gets tight, the responsive handling will have you weaving your way out of sight of the big wheels, but thanks to the confident chassis and progressive geo, the Torque 27.5” still loves to go fast.

Borrowing the name of the timeless, iconic hairstyle, the “mullet option” offers a rowdy blend of ride qualities. You know the saying, it’s business in the front and party in the back. A larger 29” front wheel delivers traction and rollover for a high-performance dose of speed and confidence, while the ultra-maneuverable 27.5” wheel at the back is where the party starts. The shorter rear end ups the bike’s agility on the trail and offers riders more clearance between themselves and the rear wheel so they can swing off the back on the steeps without buzzing the tire.

2022 Canyon Torque


Tested and rated to the same Category 5 as the downhill world-cup-winning Sender, the new Torque was built to handle the biggest hits. Optimized stiffness and improved durability make the Torque safer and more confidence-inspiring than ever before. Whether you’re running laps to get that jump line dialed or venturing farther afield to ride remote, technical singletrack, the Torque is a bike you can count on.

Even though the new version is beefed up and bombproof, the Torque is no tank. By enhancing frame strength where it matters, the Torque gains durability and stiffness while still cutting weight. The slightly steeper seat tube and wide gear ranges make it a perfectly capable climber and the Torque family even shares spare parts with the Spectral range. Things like flip chips, pivot bolts and thread inserts work on both bike families which makes it quicker and easier for us to get you the parts you need and fix your bike when you inevitably send it a little too hard. Your speed was right, the take off just needs reshaping.

2022 Canyon Torque


There’s no denying you can build a best-in-class, long travel mountain bike from carbon fiber, but for some riders, aluminum is the material of choice. When developing the Torque family, we wanted to maintain the ride quality across the entire range to guarantee riders are stoked about the bike no matter what frame material they choose.

Weighing in at 2,652 grams (5.85 pounds), the Torque CF’s full carbon-fiber frame is surprisingly light for a park bike with at least 170 mm of travel. What’s even more impressive is that we created such a lightweight frame while still improving the stiffness-toweight ratio. A lightweight long travel bike is one thing – a lightweight long travel bike that aptly handles the rigors of freeriding and regular laps at the bike park is something special. You may have even seen the Torque CF in action already as Tommy G put it to the ultimate test at this year’s Red Bull Rampage.

The Torque CF’s capabilities don’t just stop at its performance on the trail. The frame also packs a ton of smart details and features to ensure it keeps on shredding no matter the conditions. Thanks to double-sealed frame bearings – filled with a proprietary grease mix researched and spec’d by Canyon’s R&D team – the important pivot points are seriously weatherproof. We also took feedback from our race teams and mechanics to make working on the bike simpler even if you’re in a hurry. Replacement thread inserts can be found at every pivot point, and the fully guided internal cable routing makes tune-ups fast and painless. Finally, so that more riders can get the most out of the Torque CF on more terrain, we equipped the bike with a Flip Chip geometry adjustment. Offering 0.5 degrees of head tube and seat tube angle adjustment as well as 8mm of BB height difference, you can set your Torque CF exactly how you want it.

We started with an ambitious goal: Build the Torque AL to have the same ride qualities as the CF chassis when out on the trail. It’s no secret that the carbon model often receives the most attention during development. Then, when it comes time to release a more budget-friendly aluminum version, the overall form is just replicated to make the bikes look similar, even if this is to the detriment of performance.

This time we did things differently. We took the same engineering objectives we had for the CF models and set out to achieve them with the AL versions as well. But to get the most from aluminum, we needed to treat the design and manufacturing process differently. For example, the AL features bespoke tube profiles with larger radii than the CF. The tube sections are also straighter, and the overall form is less organic. The result for the rider? Vastly improved stiffness characteristics for more confident riding and better handling from jumps to rock gardens. What about weight? At just over 3 kg in frame weight, the new bike comes in at 200 g less than the previous Torque AL.

We also simplified the Torque AL to ensure we offer maximum performance at more accessible price points. We skipped the Flip Chip geometry adjustment used on the CF and dialed in the angles. The AL blasts down trails at the 63.5-degree head tube angle and BB height of the ‘LO’ Flip Chip position of the Torque CF before it easily pedals back to the top with the steep 78-degree seat tube angle of the ‘HI’ position.

To make sure the Torque AL spends less time in the work stand and more time out on the trail, we focused on durability and rider-friendly wrenching. The frame features a new seat stay bridge and improvements to the rocker and chainstay bridges to make the rear triangle stiffer and more durable. At first glance the pivot bolt threads might looks like your average aluminum affairs but look closer and you’ll find virtually indestructible steel inserts that are replaceable should the worst happen. Then, with the use of just 2 hex wrenches (5 mm and 6 mm) you can go over every bolt on the frame. The bearings also get the same proprietary grease fill as the CF bike to create a truly trail-proof setup.

2022 Canyon Torque


The updates to the Torque’s geometry are the combination of the newest advancements in mountain bike technology and hours upon hours of testing by engineers, pro riders, and amateurs. The bikes have a slacker headtube angle, that once paired with the latest reduced-offset forks, make the Torque more stable at speed while also maintaining its playful ride quality and serious traction through corners. The bike also relies on short (but not too short) chainstays to keep things quick and maneuverable on the back end, while its long reach places riders in the perfect position for aggressive downhill riding.

The Torque wasn’t designed for rolling XC terrain, it was made to chug along to the top of the mountain before letting it fly on the way back down. To home in on this style of riding we gave the Torque a much steeper seat tube angle. At 78-degrees in the HI setting and 77.5 in the LO (all AL models are in the HI setting), the Torque places riders in a comfortable and upright position when seated and climbing. The steep seat tube angle shifts riders’ center of mass forward to offer a better climbing position and gain more forward momentum from every pedal stroke.

2022 Canyon Torque Geo Chart


Triple Phase Suspension originally debuted on our World Cup-winning Sender downhill bike and, in short, it’s more of a suspension characteristic rather than a single suspension design. The stroke is smooth in the early stages of rear suspension travel, so that the bike is supple on small hits and reduces trail chatter. It has ample mid-stroke support which lets you ride high in the travel, pump the bike for speed and get proper lift-off on jumps. Finally, Triple Phase gives you that oh-so-important end-of-stroke progression that keeps the bike from blowing through its travel on big hits and kickers.

Triple Phase isn’t a single design element like a chainstay pivot or a counter-rotating link. Instead, Triple Phase is the actual shape of the suspension curve, the total progression, and the corresponding suspension traits that help our bikes deliver outstanding performance in all conditions.

On every Canyon full suspension platform, we employ this Triple Phase leverage characteristic, but optimize it for the intended use of each bike. Alongside this, we are always searching for ways to improve and refine suspension feel. So, what we see on the new Torque is additional progression towards the end of the stroke when compared to the previous generation. The new Torque is just a faster bike that we expect to be ridden harder than its predecessor, so we wanted to decrease the chances of rowdier riders bottoming out the suspension.

Influenced by what we learned developing the EWS-winning Shapeshifter technology of the Strive, we took the topic of pedaling efficiency over to the long travel Torque. While, at first glance, the overall anti-squat figures have not changed hugely, one major difference is the increase of anti-squat around the SAG point (30 %). This increase improves overall pedaling performance, and thanks to the rapid decrease in anti-squat after the SAG point, our engineers were able to successfully mitigate the negative effects of pedal kickback out on the trail.

2022 Canyon Torque


From the double-sealed bearings to the replaceable thread inserts and proprietary grease fills, our engineers put in a lot of work to make the new Torque a more durable bike that is easier to service. All Torque CF models feature plastic internal cable guides. Not only does this give the bike a clean look and keep your cables safe from the elements, but the plastic guides also keep frame chatter shockingly quiet through technical terrain and makes swapping out cables a breeze. Just run a cable or brake line in at the chain stay and it’ll pop out right at the head tube. All Torque AL models, use internal cable routing in the front triangle before leading out of the frame at the back end. But don’t worry about cable clatter, the AL models use foam sleeves to keep them silent and make running the internal routing easier.

The Torque range also uses SRAM’s UDH to make it simple to swap out when your shifting takes a hit. Additionally, the shared spare parts across the Torque and Spectral families reduce production waste, decrease the amount of stock we must carry and improve availability of extra parts should anything go wrong with your bike

2022 Canyon Torque


Some riders don’t mind loading up a backpack with a bladder and tools pre-ride, but for others there’s nothing finer than taking off as just rider and bike. And when it comes to on-bike storage, the Torque shines. Our engineers went above and beyond to find a way to fit a bottle cage within the Torque’s front triangle. We’re proud to say that with a Canyon side-loader bottle cage, the Torque frame can fit a Canyon FUEL600 600 ml bottle and you can stay hydrated out on those all-day rides with no sweaty backpack to weigh you down.

To guarantee riders have room for a spare tube and tire levers, our engineers built in some nifty rivets under the top tube. These provide a mounting point for a tube strap or bag bracket, meaning you can carry the kit you want without a standard enduro strap buffing the paintwork. Or just leave it be and run it clean.

Last but not least, we used feedback from our famous EWS Mechanic, Lars Hartwich, to develop a series of frame protectors. An integrated rubber downtube protector shields the frame from errant rocks and crashes and a molded seatstay protector does the same. A proprietary chainstay protector with special ridges protects the rest of the rear triangle while also dampening any chain slap.

2022 Canyon Torque

A mountain bike is only as good as its wheels. The best engineered frame in the world won’t do much good if there’s nothing to make it roll, so we teamed up with the legendary wheelmakers at DT Swiss to design some hoops worthy of the Torque. Each model except for the entry-level Torque 5 comes kitted with a pair of bombproof DT Swiss wheels that were specifically built to our downhill-ready Category 5 testing standard.

2022 Canyon Torque

The G5 components equipped on the Torque range aren’t your regular ‘house brand’ components. They are specifically designed by Canyon to deliver the ultimate combination of on-trail performance and reliability. Some badass looking industrial design doesn’t hurt either.

Named after our highest testing protocol, Category 5, all G5 components are tested and approved for the most brutal gravity disciplines. Rampage? Check. DH World Cups? Also check.

Designing these parts ourselves gives us absolute control over quality and helps us better integrate each component into the Torque platform. Contrary to popular belief, these in-house developed components are not just a cost saving strategy (in fact, sometimes the opposite is true). Simply put G5 parts help us build the best bike possible


About Canyon Bicycles
What started life in founder Roman Arnold’s garage as Radsport Arnold has evolved into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of road, mountain, triathlon, fitness, urban and kids’ bikes as well as modern e-bikes. Officially renamed in 2002, Canyon works hand-in-hand with the best athletes on the planet toproduce an array of award-winning bikes that embody a pure passion for riding. With a strong reputation for true innovation, implementing leading technologies, clean and clear design as well as the highest standards in quality and service, Canyon continues to expand worldwide, selling more bikes outside of its native Germany than within since 2008. As a pioneering direct sales brand, Canyon products are exclusively available online at www.canyon.com


2022 Canyon Torque 5


Frame: Torque AL
Fork: Rockshox ZEB Select
Shock: Rockshox Super Deluxe Select+

Groupset: Shimano Deore (10-51t)
Cranks: Shimano Deore (32T)
Brakes: Shimano Deore (203/203mm)

Wheelset: Raceface AR30, MT400
Front Tires: Maxxis Assegai 2.5 Maxxgrip, EXO+
Rear Tires: Maxxis DHR2 2.4 Maxxterra, DD
Wheelsizes: 650B | 29″

Handlebar: G5 AL
Stem: G5
Seatpost: Iridium Dropper Post
Saddle: Ergon SM10 Enduro

2022 Canyon Torque CF7


Frame: Torque CF
Fork: Rockshox ZEB Select+
Shock: Rockshox Super Deluxe Select+

Groupset: SRAM GX (10-52T)
Cranks: SRAM GX (32T)
Brakes: SRAM Code R (200/200mm)

Wheelset: DT Swiss FR2070
Front Tires: Maxxis Assegai 2.5 Maxxgrip, EXO+
Rear Tires: Maxxis DHR2 2.4 Maxxterra, DD
Wheelsizes: 650B | 29″

Handlebar: G5 AL
Stem: G5
Seatpost: G5 Dropper Post
Saddle: Ergon SM10 Enduro Comp

2022 Canyon Torque CF8


Frame: Torque CF
Fork: FOX 38 Performance Elite
Shock: FOX DHX2 Performance Elite

Groupset: Shimano XT (10-51t)
Cranks: Shimano XT (32T)
Brakes: Shimano XT (203/203mm)

Wheelset: DT Swiss FR560/350
Front Tires: Maxxis Assegai 2.5 Maxxgrip, EXO+
Rear Tires: Maxxis DHR2 2.4 Maxxterra, DD
Wheelsizes: Mullet

Handlebar: G5 AL
Stem: G5
Seatpost: G5 Dropper Post
Saddle: Ergon SM10 Enduro Comp


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