Mac Ride

THE Golden days to come

Videography: Branson Kendall \ Rider/Director: Christian Peper 

Words: Ashley Howard \ Film Photography: Blake Balkman

As a parent it’s so easy to see the golden days as being behind us. Looking to an uncertain future is unnerving. Being cyclists we get so much energy and fulfillment from playing hard outdoors. Growing older makes you wonder, “Will I be too busy to keep riding? Will my body allow it? Will there be space in my life?”

In the end it’s just a bicycle. A hobby that ought to give way when the demands of adulthood or parenthood summon.

…or is it something more?

A big part of taking care of your family is taking care of yourself, and we believe that cycling does just that. It brings balance, friendships, and endorphins. Cycling is part of our being and we hope to never let go.

We’ve found that sharing our passions with our children has opened up a box of answers. A box of new adventures, and of friendships. It helps us dwell less on the past and more on the golden days to come. The days when we can ride as a family. The days when our children will create those golden memories for themselves. Experiences they will hold onto into their adult years.

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In becoming parents we’re not losing part of ourselves. Rather we are gaining something much greater. Our love for riding is being shared and multiplied.

So, no — we don’t plan on slowing down. Toss on a Mac Ride and keep the good times rollin’.

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