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Camille Blanchard – Slopeduro Dream Line

Camille Blanchard set out on a mission to build a line that truly encompasses him as a rider. A dream line mixing high g-force turns, flow and the perfect trick jumps.

With a background of racing World Cups, Camille combines his speed and raw style into his dream line.

A nac-nac many slopestyle and freeriders would be stoked on. Camille has a bag of tricks locked away.

Words from Camille – “What an amazing project for me to be able to shape my dream track and throughout the hives of my good friends and beekeepers, the CRESPO brothers. For the riding, it’s everything I love, going fast, being in a constant drift and throwing some tricks! Big thanks to Manu Crespo, Julien Crespo, Matéo Verdier, Nicolas Rouze, Nina Lhotte, Romain Laurent, JB Bazzarini and Clément Fromont

Location : Les Ruchers du Trental, 1h from Nimes, France

Camille Blanchard is running the Delium tires Versatile Adventure All-round casing in this video and has also been part of the testing process making sure our tires sustain the abuse. Head to the Delium site to check them out.

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