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13 Year Old Leads Yoann Barelli Off North Shore’s ‘Brutus’ Road Gap

Here is 13 year old CJ Hauptman’s first video dropping. For this episode of the Into The Gnar progression Team, CJ takes us on a feature that he has never done before. Brutus in the North Shore is a pretty big drop (15 feet tall x 20 feet long), CJ has been killing it and it made sense to keep his progression going strong, see how he feels on the bike, and send it!!

The idea for these first videos is for me to be with the riders, see how they ride and adapt to the new bike, and give guidance when needed. CJ’s process is awesome and I’m really pumped to see that he approaches everything cautiously, takes time to look at things and sends it with ease, control and style.

We hope you’ll enjoy this first one, LET’S SEND IT!!

Next up you will see Nicole Kennedy sending it in Squamish!See you out there on the trails, Spring is just around the corner.See more of the ITGPT videos here.


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