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If you haven’t heard of Dylan Stark by now, you will. He’s a freestyle rider that brings his moto and bmx roots and style to his later love of MTB in a jaw dropping manner. Dylan Stark is known for big jumps, sick whips, mind bending tricks and converting extreme urban landscapes, buildings, rooftops, schools and more into his MTB playground. His style is effortless, ruthless and steezy AF.

Dylan’s love for all bikes left him wide open to discover the potential of ebikes without limitation, and through his day-to-day riding experiences we can see the harmony between the bike capability and the products that make it possible.

In this episode you get an introduction to a day in the life of Dylan Stark, as he prepares for Proving Grounds and his debut to the infamous Red Bull Rampage event.

In Episode 1 of High Voltage Dylan puts the e*thirteen, e*spec Race Carbon Wheels to the test. Dylan demonstrates how his ebike shuttles him to his favorite local jump spot with tools on his back and gets him up the climb with ease. We then see Dylan doing what he does best, throwing big whips, dubs and huge hips that most would struggle to do on an analog bike.

High Voltage feat. Dylan Stark

e*thirteen’s e*spec Race Carbon Wheels:

Treat yourself, change the characteristics of your ebike to be more responsive, faster, more durable, and allow you to chase more aspirations like Dylan Stark. Raise the level of your performance. Ride harder, better and bigger with less maintenance and more confidence.

1. DH integrity level rims
2. Significant weight reduction
3. Improved efficiency and acceleration
4. More responsive handling and better braking
5. Longer life and lower maintenance
6. Larger hub bearing, additional free hub and steel axle bearing for bomb proof durability
7. Highly impact resistant and increased durability
8. Hand built, with butted stainless spokes and alloy nipples washers for ultimate dependability and
9. Available in XD microspline or HG driver options
10. Ebike specific hub with oversized bearings
11. Extra strong axle and 3 bearing free hub
12. 29 inch x 30mm and 27.5 inch x 35mm options
13. World Cup tested and proven
14. Lifetime warranty

Find out more, visit e*thirteen’s Website:

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High Voltage feat. Dylan Stark


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