OQUO Is Born | A New Brand For Personalized, Premium Wheels


OQUO is Born

A New Brand For Personalized, Premium Wheels

“The best bikes deserve the best wheels.” With this ambitious message, OQUO is born, a new brand that elevates your experience on the bike, thanks to the best materials, designs and avant-garde engineering.

OQUO seeks to break the status quo, find solutions not yet imagined and offer an unconventional perspective to the world of bikes.

Behind OQUO are innovators, nonconformists and dreamers. It’s made of manufacturers, designers and builders who have cycling in their veins. Passion, experience and know-how allow them to understand that the best bikes deserve the best technologies, the best materials and the best personalizable wheels.

This new brand is committed to the most advanced industrial processes for the sake of maximum precision, incorporating a human touch to achieve this accuracy. In its quest for perfection, wheels are tested in both the lab and on the ground, guaranteeing an improved experience for the most demanding cyclists.

OQUO Is Born | A New Brand For Personalized, Premium Wheels

The endless cycle of continuous improvement

From its manufacturing headquarters in the Basque Country, OQUO designs, tests and produces its wheels with innovation, cutting-edge technology and the highest quality. “Perfecting each wheel for each use implies designing the rim profiles and the number of spokes from scratch, optimizing the materials to the highest degree and completely refining the construction process,” a brand representative points out.

OQUO has processes that allow it to manufacture each wheelset with absolute precision before it leaves the facilities — and they do it with their patented wheel manufacturing process that combines the accuracy of their robots with the finesse and attention to detail of their hand builders. In this way, the brand ensures that each wheel always meets its customers’ requirements.

Plus, each wheel is put through the most rigorous testing protocols in the industry. The brand’s riders, known as the Wrecking Crew, are in charge of leading the tests and pushing the product to the maximum limit to uncover any weak spots. Only when the designs have survived this process does the brand bring them to market. Should customers have an issue with their wheels, the Keep on Rolling program will fully cover a replacement. The program offers an enhanced warranty and subsidised crash replacement program which backs up the confidence.

OQUO Is Born | A New Brand For Personalized, Premium Wheels

First range with the best materials

OQUO has prepared a complete range of wheels for MTB: Mountain Performance (MP) for XC and Trail, and Mountain Control (MC) for Trail and Enduro. All of the wheelsets share some key features to produce the best riding experience, regardless of the model you select:

Front and Rear Specific

Each wheel has a different job and experiences different forces, so why do most companies try to sell you the same rim at the front and back?

Asymmetric Rims

Asymmetric rims allow us to make a more triangular shape with the spokes from each side of the rim, balancing the spoke lengths and tensions. This means each spoke takes an equal amount of strain. In short, asymmetric rims mean fewer spoke sizes, more balanced tensions, and stronger, more reliable wheels.

Angled Spoke Holes

Matching the angle of the spoke hole to the angle that the spoke leaves the rim at means that we can greatly reduce the stress at the spoke head. Less stress means less chance of breaking a spoke and gives a more reliable wheel.

Reinforced Spoke Beds

There is more stress on a rim where the spokes exert tension. Reinforcing these areas increases the reliability of the rim without adding excessive weight.

Pinch Protection

On tubeless wheels, punctures happen when the tire is pinched between an external object and the edge of the rim. Increasing the width of the rim profile in these points greatly reduces the likelihood of these punctures.

A hookless bead allows for maximum edge width.

OQUO Is Born | A New Brand For Personalized, Premium Wheels

The Mountain Performance category is designed for maximum weight savings without sacrificing durability, response or control. They are designed to pair with the most advanced bikes that prioritize weight and capability, specifically in the Cross Country or Trail category.

The Mountain Performance range is built on three pillars: Precision, Confidence, Acceleration.

These goals are carried over between the three wheel range, from the “Affordable performance” of the entry level MP28 PRO, through the “Light, Stiff and Reliable” MP30 Team, to the “Lightest, Fastest XC Wheel” that is the MP30 LTD.

The MP28 PRO uses an alloy rim to keep the price down, with a 28mm inner width. There are Sapim Race spokes, and DT Swiss 350 CL hubs.

The MP30 Team steps up from the MP28 PRO to offer a carbon fiber rim with 30mm inner width, laced to DT Swisss 350 CL hubs with Sapim D-Sprint spokes.

The MP30 LTD wheelset takes performance a notch further, using the same carbon fiber MP30 rim but with DT Swiss 240 hubs and Sapim CX Ray spokes, giving the lowest weight.

All of the Mountain Performance wheels are available in 29″ diameter with Centerlock hubs only, with Sram XD and Shimano Microspline freehub options.

OQUO Is Born | A New Brand For Personalized, Premium Wheels

Meanwhile, the Mountain Control category is designed to offer the best feel and handing on the most technical and demanding terrain. Wheel reliability is more important than weight, since a broken wheel can mean the end of a race or a long ride home. They are the ideal wheels for Trail or Enduro riding.

The Mountain Control wheelsets are designed around a different set of pillars, better suited to the rigors of enduro: Grip, Strength, Reliability.

There are only two Mountain Control wheelsets offered. The alloy-rimmed MC32 Team; or the carbon fiber MC32 LTD.

The MC32 Team is available in both 29″ and 29/27.5″ mullet options, but there are no front 27.5″ wheels for the small(er) wheel die-hards. The alloy rims feature a 32mm inner width up front, with a 30mm in the rear. DT Swiss 350 hubs are laced to the rims with a combination of Sapim D-Sprint and Sapim Race spokes to handle the different needs of front and rear wheels, with the front seeing 28 spokes and the rear 32 spokes.

The 29″ only MC32 LTD uses a carbon fiber rim with the same 32mm F/30mm R inner widths, DT Swiss 350 hubs and Sapim D-Sprint/Race spoke setups. The carbon fiber rim is designed to offer the ultimate strength for enduro racing.

OQUO Is Born | A New Brand For Personalized, Premium Wheels

Configure your OQUO
If every person and bike is unique, why do all wheels have to be the same? OQUO offers the option to personalize your wheels through its personalization tool.

Choose between different colors that match your bike, your personality or the clothes you wear when you ride. This service doesn’t come with any added cost to the final price of the wheels.

Six wheel models are currently available on the website. For more information about OQUO and its range of products, visit their website here.


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