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Freeride mountain bikers are some of the most extreme athletes on the planet, and new addition to the pro spotlight, Dylan Stark, is one of the most progressive riders out there. He sees the world as an endless playground and uses his bike as an extension of his athletic abilities and expression.

This year has been a big one for Stark. He’s been working hard to prove that he’s got what it takes to be amongst the best while bringing his own flavor and new school style to the world stage.

Last month, Dylan competed in the 16th edition of Red Bull Rampage and the event didn’t disappoint. This annual event in Utah is the pinnacle stop of the freeride world tour, and sees the best freeriders from around the globe compete against each other, in the gnarliest cliff riddled desert terrain. As Dylan rode through his line, his dig team pulled out a surprise feature, a grind rail that they hid next to one of his drops and placed just in time for Dylan to crank slide the rail to drop. This was the first grind in Rampage history, and it’s what makes Dylan so extraordinary, unique and fun to watch.

To compete in Rampage requires insane courage, the nerve to battle the elements and still perform on queue with the world’s cameras on you.  An incredible feat by any metric. Dylan’s focus on riding MTB only started a few years ago, but his roots in BMX street and park set him up to burst onto the MTB scene with a new style and the skills to prove he has what it takes to compete against the world’s best. He went from watching on the sidelines just a year ago, to getting the Rampage invite in 2023. Dylan is putting in the work to fulfill his dreams, and the fans are coming with him.

Training for an event like this or any event, takes massive focus, dedication and practice. To get himself in top shape for Rampage, Dylan Stark relied heavily on his Ebike. Not only to ride, but to haul himself and his digging equipment to his local spot. Rampage is as much about building lines and being fit enough to dig as it is about riding. Dylan put his heart and soul and worked hard to prepare for his digs from morning till dusk daily, but breaks up the day by taking some runs and throw’n big moto whips to reconnect with what it’s all about. Check out Episode 2 above.

What’s cool about Dylan is that he’s a two wheel guy, but sees bikes with an open mind and their  ability, no matter 20”, 26”, Mullet, 29”, analogue or E.   With the series “High Voltage” we’ve learned, (and can see) that Dylan views the Ebike without limitation, and through his riding experiences we can see how he uses his Ebike day to day, and to help further his career.

In Episode 3 of High Voltage, Dylan puts e*thirteen’s Grappler and Zeppelin tires to the test. Dylan uses the 29” Grappler and the 27.5” Zeppelin in the rear. The Grappler is a 2.5” aggressive-terrain specific Enduro/Downhill tire for total control in roughest and most technical conditions. The Zeppelin e*spec tire is a purpose-built 27.5”x 2.7” rear tire for e-MTB. The demands of full power Ebikes require a tread design and casing construction that is specific to the need and the Zeppelin does exactly that. Dylan cracks open the possibilities on how people think of Ebikes. Watching Dylan you can see that he’s using his Ebike to maximize his training and for maximum fun.

ethirteen e13 Grappler Tires


  • Extensively Engineered tread design for the most control in steep aggressive terrain, dry or wet
  • Available in Downhill or Enduro specific casing options
  • Two exclusive compounds, high efficiency and low wear “Endurance compound”, or the ultimate grip with e*thirteen’s exclusive “MoPo compound”
  • 2.5” width, available in 29 and 27.5 wheel sizes
  • Tread designed to give the most bite and control in loose, loamy or wet conditions.
  • Knob profiles engineered to reduce fold-over for positive cornering at aggressive lean angles.
  • MoPo, softest and slowest rebound compound let’s riders attack wet roots, and slick rock with the most confidence and control.
  • Endurance, the fastest and longest wearing compound, provides an option for riders to tune roll resistance, wear life and traction characteristics for front and rear tire preference.
  • DH and EN casing options deliver sidewall structure and protection choices to tailor weights and feel to ride preferences for front and rear applications.
ethirteen Zeppelin Tires


  • The Zeppelin’s high volume 27.5” x 2.7″ ends the debate of 2.6 vs 2.8, delivering the traction, suppleness, damping and support of a wider tire, as well the ability to run lower air pressures, without the unstable feel.
  • The Zeppelin uses the Endurance Compound for 30% longer wear life and exceptional durability, and for maximized rolling efficiency, which reduces battery consumption.
  • Engineered to deliver exceptional puncture resistance, reliable tubeless performance at low pressures, higher volume for added support and a maximized contact patch enhancing technical climbing and braking traction.

Visit ethirteen.com for more info.

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