Freeride up-and-comer Ryan McNulty lives to ride, detailing cars to earn the cash so he can head to the likes of Proving Grounds and Freeride Fiesta, all to chase his dream of one day competing in Rampage. Those around him can see that it will only be a matter of time until his name is on that start list.

We caught up with Ryan to document his raw passion for the sport and followed him through his home trails in Oregon, and all the way down to his second home of the Utah desert as he etched in some lines in the dust to go big.

“The moment I realized Ryan McNulty has that full package, the ‘X Factor,’ the staying power to make it somewhere in this sport was when he showed up to Proving Grounds [2021] on a borrowed bike,” says freeride icon Cam McCaul, “And no guarantee that he was going to be allowed into the competition.”

Last year, McNulty was an alternate rider for Rampage—while unable to dig his own line in 2022, he eagerly joined the dig team for current competitor Ethan Nell. “[The digging and camaraderie] is just as good as riding your bike,” says McNulty, “That’s why we all gather anyways—so just being part of any of those events where it’s all about having fun [is what] I’m all about.”

“I think a pro mountain biker is just someone who puts all their effort into their passion,” says Ryan McNulty, “And wants to be fully-involved in that scene.”

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