Abus MoDrop Half-Shell Helmet Review


Review by Alex Sardella | Photos by Vinnie Zacha Herthel

ABUS is no stranger to safety products. The German brand has been making security devices for nearly 100 years. While most of us are probably more familiar with their cable and chain locks to keep your bike safe from thieves, ABUS has recently added to their product line with the introduction of both half shell and full-face helmets. ABUS was kind enough to lend us a lid, their MoDrop MIPS half-shell, and we’re happy to report its performance lives up to their stout safety background.


The MoDrop MIPS Helmet is the highest end in the MoDrop lineup. It comes equipped with all the bells and whistles you would expect in a quality helmet. Starting on the outside, ABUS uses a 3-way adjustable visor, with goggles being able to fit under the visor when fully up. 14 vents line the helmet on all sides, with the 3 vents under the visor having a small webbing on the bottom to prevent bugs and mud from finding their way in. The vents everywhere else have nothing in between the helmet and your hair as is normal.

Abus MoDrop Half-Shell Helmet Review

ABUS uses the tried-and-true MIPS liner to aid with rotational impacts, something that most mountain bikers are familiar with at this point. There is an ABUS-specific ratchet system, which they call Zoom Ace MTB, to dial in the fit. The ratchet system can move up and down to help with lateral fit and will cinch down tightening the lid to your head on all 360 touch points. The QUIN-equipped MoDrop MIPS is available in 3 colors and goes for an affordable $139.99. A size medium weighs 370 grams.

With ABUS being an industry leader in safety, an additional feature called the QUIN Sensor can be added to a mounting point on the back of the helmet, or the MoDrop can be purchased with QUIN pre-installed. QUIN is essentially a crash detection system that will notify contacts on your phone in the event of a crash via Bluetooth, and the app connects to GPS so your location can easily be tracked. In order to unlock the “premium” safety features, there is an add-on subscription for $49.99/year, or $5/month to access the APEX level, which comes with more analytical data, and the SOS Alert to an emergency contact. The QUIN sensor will cost $69.99 on its own if you opt for the MoDrop MIPS, or a different helmet that doesn’t include the QUIN sensor. More info on the QUIN Crash Detection System can be found here.

Abus MoDrop Half-Shell Helmet Review


It’s hard not to start this off with the QUIN Safety Sensor, as that is the pinnacle part of the helmet setting it above the rest. I ride alone a fair amount, on a mix of local trails or traveling solo on road trips. With that, we all know crashes can happen quickly, and can even happen on trails you have ridden 100 times. The QUIN Sensor is a product anyone can get behind, and I am sure all our partners and significant others will too. If you are a freeride sender or backcountry explorer, this helmet is an ideal option for you. The QUIN Sensor is easy to set up and the connectivity with the app was pretty seamless. Thankfully I haven’t had the need to put it to the ultimate test, but it’s nice to have the peace of mind that it’s there if the worst happens when I’m out alone. While I haven’t opted for the APEX Subscription, the free version seems to fit my needs. The Sensor does have a battery and can be removed for charging.

Additional features that made the MoDrop stand out to me were the number of vents; the neatly adjustable straps, and the more oval-shaped fit that sat well with my head. The ventilation is super nice and the helmet weight is middle of the pack, giving a comfortable all-round experience. The airing system is not over thought or overdone in weird places, it feels and looks natural. Another small bonus is the strap divider design. It doesn’t sound like much but being able to dial in the straps to fit evenly and plush over the ears is an incredibly nice touch, and makes a considerable difference to the comfort and security. Finally, I think it is worth mentioning the helmet has a bit more of an oval shape than circular, which happens to fit my head comfortably, but it’s always worth trying on a helmet to ensure the fit is good for you. The dial fit system is effective and allowed me to get a comfortable fit quickly and easily. The pricing of the helmet seems reasonable given the quality on offer and the QUIN safety technology integration, so I’d have a hard time recommending against the MoDrop if the fit is right for you.

Abus MoDrop Half-Shell Helmet Review

The Wolf’s Last Word

While ABUS tends to focus on bicycle theft and locks, the MoDrop MIPS Helmet is an affordable, simple, and safe option when it comes to the complex world of head protection. Its price point is competitive, with the benefits of both MIPS and the QUIN Sensor System.  Overall, there isn’t too much to gripe about, the German brand over at ABUS has done a sufficient job with the MoDrop line of lids.

Price: $139.99
Website: abus.com

We Dig

QUIN Sensor
Flat Straps
Simple External Design

We Don’t

Added App cost for SOS feature


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