Cane Creek Introduces the Next Generation of Air and Coil IL Shocks



Cane Creek is proud to introduce the next generation of Air IL and Coil IL shocks. Packing class-leading performance in a smaller and stronger package, the Air and Coil IL give riders complete control over their damping with twin-tube technology and an extremely wide range of 4-way external adjustability. Cane Creek’s Air and Coil IL shocks are the absolute best upgrade for any rider’s mountain bike. These shocks were designed and tested for improved suspension performance, increased reliability and seamless compatibility with more trail bikes. The new Cane Creek Air IL and Coil IL shocks are ready to take on anything a rider’s next all-day epic or quick rip has in store.

Born in Pisgah – Cane Creek Cycling Components was the first cycling company to provide twin-tube technology to mountain bikes. Now with nearly 20 years of shock innovation under Cane Creek’s belt, both the new air and coil IL shocks feature unmatched on-trail feel, incredible control and the widest range of 4-way damping adjustability on the market.

Cane Creek Introduces the Next Generation of Air and Coil IL Shocks

Coil or Air – Getting dialed in is easier than ever with the integrated tool nested in the climb switch (CS lever). Cane Creek has increased the maximum PSI for Air IL to 350 PSI. The new Coil IL is equipped with a new Preload Adjustment with detents for more precise spring rate tuning.

Cane Creek has upgraded the Air and Coil IL with thicker inner damper tubes for increased strength and slimmer valve bodies and air cans for additional clearance on tight frames. Cane Creek hand assembles and individually dyno tests all suspension products in Western North Carolina to ensure quality control, performance and a rider benefit that is unmatched.

If riders are looking to take control of their ride, riders can purchase the all new Air IL and Coil IL online directly from or with their local dealer or distributor. Air IL and Coil IL will be available starting Tuesday, February 28th for $629.99 for Air IL shocks and $579.99 for Coil IL shocks.

Cane Creek Introduces the Next Generation of Air and Coil IL Shocks


  • Weight:
    • Air +/- 385g
    • Coil +/- 280g (w/o spring)
  • Damping:
    • Twin-tube independent compression and rebound in two high-speed and two low-speed damping circuits
  • Adjustments:
    • High Speed Compression
    • Low Speed Compression
    • High speed Rebound
    • Low Speed Rebound
  • Dimensions:
    • 50.5mm Valve Body, 51mm Air Spring
  • Damper Oil:
    • Motorex 4wt
  • Climb Switch
    • 3mm Integrated tool
    • Two Position: Descend / Climb
  • Available Configurations:
    • Standard: 190×40, 190×42.5, 190×45, 210×50, 210×52.5, 210×55
    • Trunnion: 165×40, 165×42.5, 165×45,185×50, 185x185x52.5, 185×55
  • Manufacturing: Hand Assembled in Fletcher, NC
Cane Creek Introduces the Next Generation of Air and Coil IL Shocks


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