Leatt MTB AllMtn 4.0 Kit Review



Words by Robert Johnston  |  Photos by Finlay Anderson

The mountain bike apparel market has diversified considerably over the last few years. Long gone are the ultra-baggy cargo shorts, and backpacks have also have dwindled in popularity. However, riders are still required to carry the same spares, snacks and tools as before. To address the need for storage on a ride, Leatt has designed their new AllMtn 4.0 range to incorporate clever storage solutions and practicality throughout. They hope to offer mountain bikers the ultimate solution to support their rides, and although they really hit the mark, this innovative jersey and pants combo isn’t quite perfect in our eyes.


• Jersey With Integrated “Hip Pack”
• IceYarn Jersey Material
• Pants With Storage Solutions
• 30k/30k Pants Seat Area


  • Jersey Storage Execution

  • Quality Materials

  • Neat Features Throughout


  • Pants Sag When Loaded or Wet

  • Pricey

Leatt MTB AllMtn 4.0 Kit Review


LEATT ALLMTN 4.0 JERSEY | Leatt’s AllMtn 4.0 jersey is made with their IceYarn material in a regular fit. IceYarn is manufactured from coffee grounds, giving the fabric some beneficial properties in addition to its improved sustainability. Claimed benefits of IceYarn include 36% improved UV protection (UPF50+); 52% better moisture wicking and 180% greater odor control compared with a typical polyester material. This material is Bluesign approved to certify its eco-friendly credentials.

The AllMtn 4.0 jersey has an extended hem at the rear with a split at the hip to improve mobility in the saddle. Bemis brush guards are added to the sleeves to improve abrasion resistance; laser perforations are added to key areas to improve breathability, and seams are taped to improve comfort. The cuff is given an eyewear wipe, and a carrier loop is added to the chest to safely stow goggles in a convenient spot.

The party piece of the innovative Leatt AllMtn 4.0 jersey is the 3-compartment cargo pocket. This features a support belt hidden beneath the jersey, allowing the rider to cinch down the pocket area to reduce movement when riding. These pockets are given quality YKK zippers to keep items safe.

Leatt offers the AllMtn 4.0 jersey in a choice of three colors with a wide XS-3XL size range, with a retail price of $89.99/£89.99.

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LEATT ALLMTN 4.0 PANT | Complementing the AllMtn 4.0 jersey is the Leatt AllMtn 4.0 riding pant. With the same “leave the pack at home” ethos as the jersey, the pant features a host of different storage solutions in addition to some well-considered material choices tailored to the demands of different areas.

The AllMtn 4.0 pant features a regular fit, avoiding any tight, race-focused notions. The materials used feature four-way stretch to keep things comfortable when pedaling, with reinforced Rockstrike panels on the legs and Hydradri Max 30k/30k waterproof and breathable seat panels. These materials are all Bluesign approved to back their sustainability credentials. The waistband features a velcro adjustment, with a snap closure fly.

Storage provisions are plentiful on these pants to take the essentials (and more) with you. There are two zippered pockets on each leg that feature water resistance and padding to keep items safe. The rear features Leatt’s innovative “Mission pack” – a sleeve that can be used to stow helmet chin guards or extra layers thanks to elastic straps.

Leatt offers the AllMtn 4.0 pant in the same three color options as the jersey to let you match or mix it up, in the same XS-3XL size range. Standard retail price is $179.99/£179.99.

Leatt MTB AllMtn 4.0 Kit Review


LEATT ALL MOUNTAIN 4.0 JERSEY | The AllMtn 4.0 Jersey is one of the most interesting items of apparel I’ve been given to test, and I applaud Leatt for thinking outside of the box. The execution is good, but not quite perfect. Even so, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying wearing this kit for shorter pedal missions where I don’t feel the need to take my full hip pack setup.

The general cut of the jersey is fairly typical for non-race apparel, with reasonable room cut in the body. The sleeves sit a little sleeker, helping to avoid overly flappy and somewhat uncomfortable excess material when speeds climb higher. The material is not super thin and breezy, but certainly hits a comfortable and very usable spot for all but the hottest temperatures.

The party piece – what I’d like to call an “integrated hip pack” – works fairly well. It still takes me a little while to feel out exactly where the pockets are on the back, especially when gloved. But as with anything, more time and experience is only going to help. The strap system goes about its business well, snugging down the storage without restricting movement at all. Much to my surprise, it also avoids making other areas of the jersey bunch up. If you load the storage up – say with a large multitool and some dense snacks – you can feel it shift a little under the most dynamic movements, but for the most part it stays in place much better than I had been expecting.

So far the Leatt AllMtn Jersey has been shrugging off abuse well, and keeps on shining as bright in terms of looks and performance as on day one. I’m very impressed by this unique offering and how it has been executed. Hats off to Leatt on this one.

LEATT ALLMTN 4.0 PANTS | While the AllMtn 4.0 jersey’s integrated rear storage is quite genius, I feel like the matching AllMtn 4.0 pants haven’t quite hit the mark the same. There’s no denying that the potential carrying capacity of these pants is exceptional, and the “Mission Pack” storage system could be useful for certain scenarios. But the result is a pant that feels notably heavier and warmer than it perhaps should. For aggressive riding, having the pants loaded up is detrimental to your movement and comfort alike.

Unlike the majority of Leatt pants I’ve tried in the past, the cut on these AllMtn 4.0 pants is notably baggy, only contributing more to the perceived weight. On the wet and muddy days, I was eventually left with a very heavy and saggy pant, with a notable drop in comfort. In drier climates this is unlikely to be an issue, but for my typical Scottish testing grounds I ran into issues regularly.

Though they’re a little rough to the touch, they’re suitably comfortable when you’re wearing them and I never ran into issues with chafing. Through the abusive, muddy test period, they’ve held up amicably and still look ready to keep ripping for many more laps. But sadly, I’ll be retiring them from my riding kit rotation as they don’t quite cut it for me. For trail building they might find themselves being called upon though.

The Wolf’s Last Word

Leatt’s AllMtn 4.0 Jersey is a well executed and unique item that is useful and pleasurable to wear. The AllMtn 4.0 pant doesn’t quite hit the same highs of user comfort and storage efficiency for me, but are still a solid item that some riders may find enjoyable.

$89.99 /£89.99 (AllMtn 4.0 Jersey)
$179.99 /£179.99 (AllMtn 4.0 Pants)

Website: Leatt.com


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