Goodyear Releases Wrangler Tire Range

Goodyear Bicycle Tires

The Wrangler Tire Range

Tires For Enduro and eMTB On Dry And Rocky Trails

Goodyear Bicycle Tires has launched the Wrangler as the newest addition to its range of tires for mid to long travel mountain bikes. The Wrangler tire range is designed to excel in dry and rocky conditions and is available with both Enduro and ElectricDrive constructions. Rubber Kinetics is Goodyear’s official licensee for bicycle tires and introduced its first bike range in 2018.

The Goodyear Wrangler tires are the culmination of countless hours of rigorous laboratory and real-world testing and offer riders confidence-inspiring performance in the most extreme environments. Optimized for dry to intermediate terrain, the Wrangler adds a new dynamic to the Goodyear range and sits alongside the already well-established Newton.

The Wrangler marks the first introduction of the ElectricDrive concept into mountain bike tires which features materials and construction that provide additional support and protection while maintaining exceptional grip and battery life.

Goodyear Releases Wrangler Tire Range

“The Goodyear Wrangler is an exciting addition to our mountain bike lineup. As the newest member of our gravity range, it sits next to our popular Newton and targets dry and rocky conditions,” says Bastien Donzé, Product Director for Goodyear Bicycle Tires. “Over the course of the Wrangler’s development, including multiple iterations, prototypes and an extensive field test program in a variety of conditions and trails around the world, we have truly come up with a tire that that helps enable a better ride. With so much grip and support on tap, the Wrangler gives you the confidence to keep it wide open at all times.”

3 things to remember about Goodyear Wrangler:

Intended Usage: Designed for aggressive riding, and to withstand the high-torque conditions generated by eBikes. Ideally suited to dry, rocky and dusty conditions. Variants for Enduro and Electric Mountain Bikes.

Tread Pattern Design: Inspired by high-performance motocross tires to provide confidence with in-block sipe design provides additional biting edges to further maximize grip.

Goodyear Wrangler MTF (Front) enhances grip and steering performance.

Goodyear Wrangler MTR (Rear) improves rolling speed and harnesses acceleration forces.

ElectricDrive: Goodyear Wrangler features an all-new ElectricDrive construction, optimized for electric bike usage. The unique front & rear casing layups provide additional support and protection, essential for defense from flats and tire damage which is further enhanced by a tough butyl layer extending high up the side wall.

Goodyear Releases Wrangler Tire Range


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