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Land Escape

Land Escape "The inspiration behind Land Escape was to pick four unique riders, put them all in different locations, and let the different styles of riding and locations blend together to compliment each other" explains Rupert Walker, the iconic MTB filmmaker. Rupert Walker has an established reputation as one [...]

Ride Concepts Hellion Shoes

Ride Concepts Hellion Shoes Words by Chili Dog; Photos by Drew Rohde We tend to get a lot of packages here at the Wolf Den. Last year we received a box from an address we didn’t recognize. We opened it up and inside sat a pair of riding shoes from [...]

McCaul’s Story Time Ep.2

How My Dad Finally Became A Mountain Biker After all these years, he's finally doing it. This is the story of how a flat track motorcycle racer, turned firefighter, turned Father, turned retired dude, finally became a mountain biker. It turns out an electric mountain bike was the catalyst. [...]

Could You Ride Blind?

Dan Mancina "Matrix" Park Edit People always say that if you lose one sense your others get heightened. After losing his sight, Dan Mancina apparently can see skateparks like he’s mf-ing Neo in "The Matrix," green Courier New font and all. Check out Dan's park edit then peep Jenkem's [...]

In the Blink 2

Creativity One of the ways a mountain biker can freely express themselves is to draw their own lines on the landscape, much like the stroke of a paintbrush on canvas. When Brett Rheeder recently travelled to Bigwater, Utah for the Creativity segment of Return to Earth, he brought his [...]

Fuji Auric LT

Fuji Auric LT Words & Photos By Chili Dog Action photos by Samson Hatae If you’re looking for a new 160mm enduro bike, but aren’t sure where to start, ask yourself a few questions. Does a post ride burrito sound better than a kale, Kombucha smoothie? Do your average trail [...]

Damon Iwanaga Best of 2018

Isaac Wallen Shreds the Trees Damon Iwanaga is a BOSS !!! You might start doubting if he is actually human after watching his best clips of 2018. Video credit: Mikey Sylvestri, Simon Silver, Bart Cautaerts, Jelle Harnisfeger, Shaperideshoot, Ray Syron, Clay Shaw, Mike Powers, Ben Stanziale, Caleb Cooper, Aaron [...]

Brendan Howey -The Coast

The Coast The Sunshine Coast is certainly one of the most beautiful places to ride on the west coast of Canada. Between Coast Gravity Park and single track trails lost in the middle of the forest, we caught up with Brendan Howey at his home to check out his [...]

Presidents Day with Wally

Isaac Wallen Shreds the Trees  Jasper Wesselman teams up with Isaac Wallen aka "WallyTree" to film a one day edit of some shredding in the wet, loamy forests of Santa Cruz. Leave A Comment & Win Free Schwag Want [...]

Loam Wolf Patreon – Rider Owned, Rider Supported

Created by Riders, Supported by Riders The Loam Wolf crew would like to thank all of you for the support you've shown and taking the time to visit our site, leave a comment or buy some of our merchandise. As you've probably noticed, our site has remained pretty free [...]